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What to do if you relapse on your NoFap streak?

We often relapse on our NoFap streak. It's very common. But we have to keep in mind that a single relapse is not a failure. 

What is failure is if you keep on breaking your rules again and again. If you just relapse for one time by mistake, it's alright. But if you keep on relapsing thinking one more time won't hurt, you'll regret it later.

So if you don't want regret to take over your mind and body, you need to practice disciplining your mind. Make it a habit to not relapse again. 

Even if you relapse by accident or if you have already relapsed after a long streak, just think of it as a wet dream and move on. But don't make the habit of relapsing again and again if you relapse one time.

Drink juices or water after you relapse and keep your mind busy and calm. Avoid stressful situations. A relapse associated with the guilt of breaking a NoFap streak, especially if you relapsed after a long time, can make you weak, both physically and mentally. 

So it's better to not even think about it and never make the mistake of relapsing again. If you can't stop yourself from watching porn or fapping, you need to include more activities in your daily life. Here is a list of things you can do to stay busy and to live a porn and fap free life.

Keeping your mind and body occupied in many activities will make you busy and no time will be left for watching porn or fapping. Therefore, it's important to improve yourself everyday. Learn and develop skills you've always wanted to improve.

Listen to calm music and take up a sport for your mental and physical well-being. The most important thing is that we should not think all the time about relapse, NoFap, breaking our streak, day counter and all the noise associated with abstention communities.

We need to free our mind from the idea of fapping and NoFap. If we associate every activity with fapping, for example if we do something just to avoid fapping, chances of relapsing might increase.

You've to believe the idea that porn and fapping doesn't even exist. Free your mind - 

1. From the things that pull you towards them which falsely appear as happiness but in reality are nothing but extremely temporary pleasures.

2. From catchy terms and created beliefs which actually do more harm than good. An example of this would be the "Flatline" - Even if you start to feel the symptoms of a NoFap flatline like less energy, demotivation etc., don't strongly believe in it.

If we become strongly attached to certain beliefs, our mind tends to become weak and starts making our negative thoughts a reality.

So instead of believing in the limited and negative, why not believe in the positive and create a positive reality?

Sometimes when we feel even a little bit depressed and less energetic, we might believe we are in the flatline. 

Then we become curious and read more about flatline and we start to become even more attached to the beliefs and their effects. 

We start to associate the symptoms of a flatline with ourselves, our life and it becomes a reality and getting rid of the flatline becomes near impossible.

There are many fapstronauts who don't know what a flatline is and they have accomplished a lot more than people who know each and everything about flatline but are struggling with their NoFap streaks.

This happens because knowledge and curiosity doesn't always provide success. Ultimately it depends upon you and your willpower.

Believing in the negative and certain terms and words which might lead to anxiety and depressive moods weakens our willpower.

It's your life and you'll have to take care of everything. That's why believing in something created by others which actually does more harm than good is something you should avoid.

An example would be - "I can't even study today" or "I can't workout today because I'm in the flatline". These kinds of beliefs are nothing but a creation of the mind. It's the same mind that makes you addicted and depressed, so how can the mind be always right?

That's why we should stop the negative flow of the mind and start to train it daily by meditation and practice. It's that simple, even if you don't want to meditate, just practice. 
Even if you find it difficult at first and not simple, you will be amazed at how simple you'll find to not relapse if you just keep on practicing the positive flow of energy and look back at your mindset after a year. 
Also, make sure to treat urges as energy instead of something that tries to control you and makes you weak and addicted. 
If you treat your urges as energy and you start to workout, jog or do some pending work or any kind of productive activity whenever you get urges, you will slowly start to reduce them and turn them into even more precious energy that will be always beneficial to you instead of something that makes you lose your progress. So always see urges as energy that you should use for some activity. 

Just like the mind makes us suffer by making us believe in certain negative things, it can also make us happy and extremely energetic and positive by believing in the positive. For that, you need to control the mind and stop letting the mind control you.

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