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200 Things to Do Instead of Watching Porn

Things you can do instead of watching porn:

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There can be many reasons to quit porn. Whatever your reason is, if you want to succeed in your porn free journey, you have to keep your mind busy and content in other things at all times.

If you're abstaining from Porn, Masturbation and Ejaculation, you must have tried to quit porn many times. One of the main reason people relapse is - they give in, because they had nothing to do at that time. That's why it's better to occupy your mind in things other than porn, so that you don't relapse and lose your hard-earned streak which you have gained after lots of attempts. So, if you ever watched porn because you had nothing to do and had the question on your mind - What can I do instead of watching porn? then you're at the right place. So let's get started.

1. Go for a run - If you can't go outside, jog at a slow pace inside your house.

2. Go for a walk.

3. Read a book - Get started with your new life with - A Brand New You.

4. Learn a new language.

5. Listen to a song.

6. Learn to play guitar. If possible, buy one if you don't have one. It will definitely help if you want to succeed in abstaining from any habit you want to avoid. When you are troubled by your urges, you just need to pick up your guitar and get absorbed in learning and playing it. You don't even need electricity to play an acoustic guitar. It's also better than online activities since your eyes get rest and you stay off the screen. 

7. Meditate. Get started with some apps and make your meditation sessions fun and interesting.

8. Do yoga.

9. Do Pilates.

10. Clean your house.

11. Take care of your skin.

12. Groom yourself.

13. Try a new operating system on your computer.

14. Learn a new skill like cooking. If you already know how to cook, great! Make a dish!

15. Call your loved ones.

16. Write a hand written letter for your loved one.

17. Go through your bookmarks that you haven't touched since bookmarked.

18. Capture some nice photos.

19. Focus on your breath. Breathe in and out for an extended period of time, say 1 hour or so.

20. Write a short story.

21. Think about your sweet memories of the past. While doing that, if you feel sad because of some bitter memories, don't try to control it. Just let your thoughts flow. Doing this will make the mind free from fears, doubts and wavering thoughts.

22. Learn to knit.

23. Take a new online course.

24. Write an e-book.

25. Learn about lucid dreaming. 

25. Learn to dance.

26. Learn to sing.

27. Start a new blog.

28. Learn to code. Get started with The Odin Project.

29. Read reviews about items you are willing to buy - this will calm your urges and the time will pass and you can save your streak with this technique.

30. Learn to bake a cake, if you already know how to bake, then do it!

31. Go for shopping and buy the required items.

32. Go to the park.

33. Go cycling.

34. Try to remember the names of some things you always try to remember but can't because you don't give enough time. For example, the name of a song you liked or a video you watched but forgot the name of the song or the video.

35. Try a new app for your phone.

36. Explore new places through Google Street View.

37. Learn Photoshop. If you use Linux, learn Gimp or Krita. If you don't have Photoshop, Photopea is a great and free alternative.

38. Learn about body language and how it can affect social interactions.

39. Learn to write business letters. Look up courses on business writing.

40. Learn to save your devices from malware and spyware.

41. Learn to stay safe online.

42. Learn about online privacy and why it's important. Note that knowing and reading a lot about online privacy can make you anxious. So it's better to not worry a lot, but be aware.

43. Repair your inoperable electronics.

44. Go to the beach.

45. Write an essay about some topic. This will improve your writing skills.

46. Learn touch typing. If you don't know how to type without looking at the keyboard and you want to type fast, see this and this post.

47. Learn ethical hacking.

48. Learn to play ukulele.

49. Organize your room.

50. Clean your bathroom.

51. Learn to make soaps and make some cool soaps! A place to get inspired is Soap Queen.

52. Learn about web development. A place for getting started is freeCodeCamp

53. Go through your to do list.

54. Make a list of things you want to accomplish before leaving this world.

55. Design a logo.

56. If you're a Windows user, make a Live USB and try Linux.

57. Explore some upcoming online courses.

58. Complete your incomplete online courses.

59. Watch the important videos from your YouTube Watch Later list.

60. Learn some new dance moves.

61. Play with your mind, think of some happy thoughts and let it flow and don't try to control it. If you get urges to watch porn while doing that, don't look at porn. Instead, try to stay still. This technique will build up a lot of energy inside you which you can use to do something productive.

62. Observe the thoughts as different from you. You are not your thoughts, but far beyond them.

63. Take part in online typing tests and competitions. Nitro Type is a fun site to take part in typing competitions and it will also improve your typing skills. 

If you're into programming, web development or coding, Coderacer is a great website for improving your typing skills.

64. Learn Java so that you too can build Android apps. Here's a course to get started. You can also learn Kotlin to make Android apps.

65. Learn chocolate making.

66. Learn NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

67. Look outside your window. If it's daylight, feel the brightness of the daylight and let it flow through you and breath deeply to take it all in. If it's night-time, look at the sky and imagine how vast the universe is.

68. Draw something.

69. Lift some weights.

70. If you don't have dumbbells at home, buy some. 

71. Make a website for yourself. You can use Netlify to host your website for free. GitHub Pages, GitLab Pages, Bitbucket Pages, Vercel and Surge is also good for free static site hosting. Or if you like to keep things simple, Neocities is another great and free option.

72. Write a poem.

73. Make some salad.

74. Compose a piece of music using LMMS

75. Mix your songs by using Mixxx

76. Listen to some mixes from Mixcloud

77. Write a song.

78. Compose a new guitar composition.

79. Learn more about guitar theory.

80. Paint your wall.

81. Build a USB powered fan.

82. Decorate your room with LEDs.

83. Light some candles.

84. Prepare dinner for your loved one.

85. Learn to swim and go swimming.

86. Learn back-end web development.

87. Make a handkerchief.

88. Start a new online business.

89. Learn to make PWAs (Progressive Web Apps).

90. Answer questions on online forums.

91. Help others who want to live a porn free life.

92. Learn to repair your computer.

93. Learn to build an amplifier.

94. Learn electronics and build some cool things. You can get ideas from the website Instructables. You will find lots of great project ideas from this site.

95. Learn about cyber security. A place to get started is Cybrary.

96. Learn to protect yourself from ransomware and phishing.

97. Make your own Subwoofer.

98. Learn about Raspberry Pi and build some awesome things with it.

99. Study communication skills.

100. Become an entrepreneur. Learn how to become one.

101. Do and make something to change the world.

102. Learn negotiation skills.

103. Learn marketing.

104. Make a new twitter account and start tweeting about your new discoveries.

105. Learn to bio-hack yourself.

106. Stay silent for as long as you can. Silence your mind too. You'll get better with time and will connect with your higher self.

107. Make a new subreddit for your new great idea!

108. Learn photography and capture great photos.

109. Make a SoundCloud account and post your music.

110. Discover new online radio stations. Get started with the Shoutcast directory, Internet Radio and the Icecast directory.

111. Learn about how to start an online radio station yourself if you want to. If you don't want to go into technical complications and don't want to pay for server costs, licensing etc., you can use Zeno FM.

112. Go motorcycle riding. Learn to ride a motorcycle if you don't know already, it's way more fun than walking or driving.

If you're into meditation as well as motorcycles, the videos by Just My Hobbies and Schaaf can provide calming effects to the mind.

If you love riding, exploration of beautiful places and just love nature altogether, Alaska John is a great channel to binge-watch.

113. Explore nature photography.

114. Learn to headstand.

115. Do some ab exercises.

116. Try to learn as much things as you can in a day.

117. Try to sleep less - you will get lots of free time and you'll be able to accomplish a lot. If you stop watching porn and stay away from addictive behaviors and anxious thoughts, you will feel fresh and energetic even with less sleep.

118. Learn to make ice cream.

119. Read your important emails.

120. Prepare for your next presentation or speech.

121. Learn to value time. It's the most valuable thing you get for free.

122. Make a smoothie.

123. Make some cookies.

124. Become an advanced Google searcher with Power Searching with Google.

125. Design some prints/artworks for your t-shirts.

126. Learn about e-commerce businesses.

127. Learn supply chain management.

128. Learn Excel.

129. Learn to discipline yourself everyday.

130. Try to learn new things everyday. It can be new skills or just working on your current skill set.

131. Search up the nutrient content of your foods.

132. Prepare vegetable soup.

133. Do gardening. If you don't have a garden, plant indoor plants and eatable fruit and vegetable plants, chili for example.

134. Discover new music from Bandcamp.

135. Go for an adventure.

136. Plan for your next trip.

137. Wash your clothes.

138. Feed some birds.

139. Learn illusion and magic.

140. Learn to make cool decorative lights from scratch.

141. Make your own webpage.

142. Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript to develop and design websites.

143. Help people online with your skills.

144. Take some deep breaths.

145. Keep the mind calm. Try to not think of anything and don't fall asleep. You'll soon start to take control of your thoughts and emotions.

146. Make a writing habit everyday. A place for getting started is Co-Writers

147. Read about the history of different countries.

148. Learn typography.

149. Learn to make cool things out of paper. Get started with Happy Folding.

150. Make noodles, but this time make it different.

151. Learn KiCad - it'll be useful for your DIY (Do It Yourself) electronic projects.

152. Learn some card tricks.

153. Learn to make Gelato.

154. Learn to make gummy bears.

155. Learn some magic tricks for the next birthday party.

156. Learn how to write a letter perfectly.

157. Learn to tie a tie. (Different knots)

158. Learn what the world is in need of right now, and make it possible if you can. That's how most successful businesses start.

159. Make some pasta.

160. Learn how to bake bread.

161. Learn how to make pizza all by yourself, at home.

162. Learn to repair mobile phones.

163. Learn wood working.

164. Learn to fix leaking pipes.

165. Learn to fix your car.

166. Make an item (electronic or anything) yourself and gift it to your loved one.

167. Listen to ambient music. It helps to calm the mind. Listening to it daily will make you less stressful, day by day.

168. Change your mobile phone and computer wallpaper.

169. Learn to make candy.

170. Watch inspiring documentaries.

171. Wash your shoes.

172. Plan which perfume to buy next time.

173. Make a sketch of a car using your own design ideas.

174. Watch driving skill videos. If you're into meditation as well as cars, the videos by Ãœberholspur, Winding Road Magazine and The Topher can provide relaxing effects to the mind.

If you're into trucks, the videos by Driving Bro and Kristo Boginski can take you into meditative states effortlessly.

175. Learn how to ride a motorcycle safely. A place to get started is MCrider.

176. Do some dumbbell workouts at home.

177. Watch motivational videos and try to keep that motivated mindset every single day.

178. Plant what to gift your loved ones on their next birthday.

179. Practice handwriting skills to improve your handwriting.

180. Teach people the skills you know through YouTube and websites.

181. Sing a cover of a song.

182. Make a Vlog.

183. Make coconut oil.

184. Plan your next adventure.

185. Learn some bicycle stunts.

186. Learn motorcycle skills. A place to get started is MotoJitsu and Lexco Moto Gymkhana.

187. Learn to repair a computer.

188. Start a podcast.

189. Listen to a podcast.

190. Learn to make attractive presentations.

191. Learn Copywriting.

192. Learn Speed Reading.

193. Learn to play the piano.

194. Learn about mindfulness.

195. Learn how to write excellent professional emails.

196. Discover new web apps to make your daily life easier.

197. Make a card for your loved one.

198. Do rope skipping.

199. Imagine what you could have accomplished if you had stopped watching porn a few years ago.

200. Practice maintaining your energy streak. The days when you were free from porn, masturbation and ejaculation were the days when you had a certain mindset, a positive, happy one. Practice to maintain that mindset everyday.

Just like you have to maintain a streak daily if you want to master some skills like coding, you need to maintain a streak in controlling your mind too. By practicing the happy, energetic and positive mindset, you'll stay happy all the time, everyday.

You might become an entrepreneur if you use your skills and build something to help the world. If you make something useful, the world will love and remember you even after you leave this world.

So there you go. Now you have a big list of things you can do instead of watching porn or doing any other addictive activity. Start from today, start doing a listed thing or learn how to do it. Soon, you'll improve a lot and make your life much more happy and productive.

If you ever feel demotivated, you have to keep in mind that the feeling of demotivation is just a feeling and a state of mind and it will be temporary.

Don't go back to your old habits just because of less energy and demotivation. You'll thank yourself later if you stay strong during the days when you feel the lowest.

If you work on improving your mind control skills, you'll start to feel more energy day by day and proper control of energy and thoughts is all you need to stay addiction and stress free. You can master your energy and use it where you actually need it like skill development or using it for thought and habit control.