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25 ways to stop being lazy

How to stop being lazy and unproductive
1. Don't believe that you are lazy
Yes, the first step is that simple. You often become more lazy than you actually are simply because you strongly believe that you are lazy and you believe that it will be very difficult to change that habit.

But if you believe that you're becoming less lazy, day by day, soon your body and mind will be in sync and you'll be surprised at how much less lazy you will become. It's all about believing in yourself. Keep working on it and do the things you need to do on a daily basis, don't focus too much on the negative parts and you'll become less lazy soon.

2. Fake it till you make it
If you find it difficult to stay motivated and often find that you're being lazy, fake and act as if you're a very energetic person and not lazy at all, and keep on working and keep moving on, no matter how many mental and physical obstacles come in your way.

We often fail or don't completely succeed i…

Study, work or relax with chilled lofi tunes

If you love to relax on a Sunday afternoon or like to de-stress yourself a little while studying or working, Lo-fi tunes can help you a lot. The tunes on this web app are perfect for those who find it difficult to stay focused for a long period of time. If any kind of stressful thoughts are bothering you or just for healing an unfocused mind, you can use these kinds of chill tunes for any type of activity which needs a calm state of mind. Lofi Music - Web

Play music by writing commands with CMD FM

CMD FM is a music player that works on your browser. It has an interface similar to the command line. You can play a variety of genres without touching the mouse, just by typing commands on your keyboard.For example - to play Chillout music, you just have to type - fm play chillout  Similarly, if you want to play Avant-garde, the command will be - fm play avantgarde  To pause a track - fm pauseTo resume a track - fm resume CMD FM - Web

Music for programming

Solving problems while coding or programming can be a challenging task. 

Music for programming can help you focus and concentrate properly while programming so that programmers don't have to face feelings of distraction, tiredness or anxiety while solving difficult tasks. 

Although the name of the site has the word "programming", but this site can be used for any other activity that requires intense concentration like meditation. You can also use it while reading or for relaxing and sleeping purposes. 

Music for programming - Web

Radio Garden - Listen to live radio from around the world

Radio Garden can take you on a journey around the globe. You can listen to radio stations from different parts of the world. 

By default, it will play channels from your country and will list out the different stations in your country. If you want to add stations in your area or any other area, you can do so by going to Setting and clicking on the "Submit a radio station".

To listen to live radio from other countries, you can type the name of the town or country in the search box or you can rotate the globe and explore music from unknown regions.

Radio Garden - Web