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Send as Podcast - Listen to articles as podcasts

Have you ever wanted to read articles in audio mode, just like podcasts? If the answer is yes, then this tool is for you! Send as Podcast lets you listen to any article on the web as a podcast. To listen to any article as podcasts, first click on the extension icon and select Listen in Browser or press Ctrl + Shift + Z.  If you want to listen in a podcast app, select Set up in Podcast app and select your desired OS.  If you tend to skip articles and often save or bookmark them for later because you feel too lazy to read, then this is the perfect tool for you. Send as Podcast    

Binaural Focus - binaural beats for focus

  Binaural beats are great for focusing and they also help a lot in reducing anxiety and stress.  If you prefer listening to some kind of music while working or studying, try listening to binaural beats for concentration.  You can easily find lots of binaural tunes online on sites like YouTube but the varieties and frequencies are limited. But on Binaural Focus, you can easily choose your frequency and enjoy listening to your desired binaural beat you created yourself!  Binaural Focus - Web 

How to view saved passwords in Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge has a built-in password manager that can offer to store passwords and if you choose you can save your passwords for convenience.  This will make it easier for you to login to each site in the future since you will not have to remember each password for the websites by memory.  Here's how to view your saved passwords in Microsoft Edge - 1. Click on the three-dots in the upper-right corner of your Edge browser.  2. Now click on Settings. 3. The settings page will open. Now under the "Your Profile" section, select Passwords. This will open the Password manager section of Microsoft Edge. Here you can choose all the options like whether you want Edge to offer to save passwords or not. There are also options to automatically sign-in to a website and an option to choose whether you want to show the password reveal button in password fields.  To view the saved passwords, click the eye icon under the Saved Passwords section. Each entry will be the Website name, use

How to save tabs for later in Firefox?

There are several ways you can save tabs for later in Firefox. Saving your tabs for later can save you a lot of time in the future. Instead of trying to remember the webpages or websites from memory or digging through bookmarks, you can directly access them together in groups or sessions.  How to save tabs on exit in Firefox  Saving all tabs using the default option 1. Right-click on any of the open tabs from your group of opened tabs. This will open the context menu. After opening the menu, click on Select All Tabs.   Now, right-click again and select Bookmark Tabs.  A new window called “New Bookmarks” will open up.  Give the folder a name and choose your desired folder and finally click on Add Bookmarks to save the bookmarks.  Save open tabs for later in Firefox using extensions  By using Tab Session Manager Tab Session Manager can save all your tabs into sessions. To use this add-on for Firefox, first install it from the Firefox Add-ons store.  Click on the three vertical lines on t

How to enable dark mode in Microsoft Edge?

Dark mode is really useful for internet browsing if you like to browse more at night. It is beneficial for the eyes as it helps in reducing eye strain if you want to browse for longer periods of time. Here's how to enable dark mode in Edge -  Enable dark theme on Edge 1. Click on the three dots to open the menu of the Edge browser.  2. Select Settings . 3. The settings page will open. Click on Appearance . 4. After you click on the appearance tab, a new page will open which contains all the appearance related settings of Microsoft Edge.  5. Now under "Customise browser", you can see the Default theme, Custom theme and Zoom.  From the Default theme option, select Dark. Now, you will be able to browse using the dark mode in Microsoft Edge but it will only darken the theme. To use complete dark mode in all webpages in Microsoft Edge, you can try different options like -  Using Dark Reader  The Dark Reader extension will enable dark mode in all webpages you visit. To use the