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Music for programming

Solving problems while coding or programming can be a challenging task. 

Music for programming can help you focus and concentrate properly while programming so that programmers don't have to face feelings of distraction, tiredness or anxiety while solving difficult tasks. 

While the name says "programming", but this site can be used for any other activity that requires intense concentration like meditation. You can also use it while reading or for relaxing and sleeping purposes. 

Music for programming - Web

Radio Garden - Listen to live radio from around the world

Radio Garden can take you on a journey around the globe. You can listen to radio stations from different parts of the world. 

By default, it will play channels from your country and will list out the different stations in your country. If you want to add stations in your area or any other area, you can do so by going to Setting and clicking on the "Submit a radio station".

To listen to live radio from other countries, you can type the name of the town or country in the search box or you can rotate the globe and explore music from unknown regions.

Radio Garden - Web

Echoes of Bluemars - Travel through space and time

You can find three radio channels in the Echoes of Bluemars website.

1. Bluemars - This station plays deep space music which can help us explore the depths of our soul while meditating on the sounds. We can also use it for sleeping.

2. Cryosleep -This station can really make the mind tranquil and take us into a heavenly state, full of bliss.

3. Voices from within - They say vibrations are enough to connect with the other worldly. 

Let your productivity flow with Focus Music

Focus Music plays beats filled with energy. You can use it for boosting your productivity and enthusiasm. Whether you're working out or just want to get out of our mind and be filled with passion and excitement, Focus Music can help you.

After a long tiring day, a stressful project that needs to be completed or while running, you can use it for just about anything that needs high energy and motivation.
Not only that, you can also use it for relaxing and sleeping, since apart from energetic beats, it also provides three other channels of music - Downtempo tunes, Classical music and Rain sounds. 
If you like a particular track that is played, you can check out its name by clicking on the "Track info" or by pressing the "T" or "I" key on your keyboard. 
It also provides dark mode and more keyboard controls for controlling the volume of the tunes, toggling day or night mode, choosing a channel or to pause a track. 
Focus Music - Web

Discover new songs with Tuneful!

Tuneful helps you discover new songs from your favorite genre or any genre of music. You can just type your favorite genre of music and select a particular category. Then it will list out various songs related to that category of music. 

After that, Tuneful will play a preview of some songs related to your favorite or any selected genre of music. If you like the song, swipe right or click the right arrow on your keyboard. 

To ignore a song, click the left arrow on the keyboard or swipe left. We can also save a song by clicking the like button or ignore a song by clicking the nope button.

To go back to the previously played song, click the rewind button. If you're done with your discovery, you can end your discovery session by clicking the arrow button and finally save your liked songs.

It provides three options for saving your favorite tracks - 

1. You can save your liked songs to your Spotify account.

2. You can email the songs to yourself.

3. You can copy the songs you like to your cli…

Said the Gramophone - a great music blog

Said the Gramophone is a blog that posts about music and mainly rare, undiscovered gems. It started in 2003 and it is one of the first mp3 blogs on planet Earth. The songs are posted purely out of love and for the music lovers. 

You can find mostly obscure folkish and indie rock, sometimes other genres too. With each song posted, they also add their own emotions and feelings which really adds to the depth of the songs posted. The best thing about this blog is that you can download the mp3s of the songs posted and they are of high quality. 

Said the Gramophone - mp3 blog