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Posts - Wireless file sharing between your devices

In times of quick and urgent sharing of files like important documents and photos between your phone to another phone or your phone to a different device like a laptop or a desktop, it becomes necessary that some kind of data transferring cable is present to share the files.  But what if you don't have any cable? And what if you want a super quick way of sharing the files without having to install new apps on both of your devices? That's where the awesome website comes to help. Not only it makes your work easier by letting you share your data completely wirelessly, but it is also completely private with end-to-end encryption, meaning that no other third party can view your important files, even the website owner cannot view it.  The documents that you upload while sharing are also not stored in the website after they are uploaded. This can ensure that you can share your private documents and pictures with complete peace of mind, without having to worry about gettin - Soundscapes for your mind

This radio can help you focus and concentrate on your work. If you love listening to music while doing activities that need proper focus, this radio is for you. It is also helpful for people with ADHD and has categories of music like morning routine, for focus, for balancing excess energy, for managing bad habits or just for winding down. - Web

How to block pop ups in Microsoft Edge?

  To block pop ups in Microsoft Edge, follow the steps below -  1. Click on the three dots to open the context menu of Edge.  2. Click on Settings . 3. Now select Cookies and site permissions from the sidebar. 4. Now select Pop-ups and redirects .  5. Make sure the toggle button of Blocked is turned on. 6. You can also add the site where you want the popups to be blocked by clicking on Add . 7. Write down the name of the site. 8. Then click on Add . 

How to auto save passwords in Microsoft Edge?

To auto save passwords in Microsoft Edge, follow the steps below -  1. Click on the three dots to open the context menu of Edge.  2. Now click on Settings . 3. Make sure that the Profiles option is selected from the sidebar.  4. Now select the option called Passwords . 5. Now turn on the toggle button of Offer to save passwords .   

How to connect Mi Band 6 to Google Fit?

If you want to connect Mi Band 6 to Google Fit, follow the steps below -  1. Open the Mi Fit app.  2. Now go to Profile .  3. Select Add accounts . 4. Now select Google Fit.  5. Tap on Google Fit.  6. A popup will appear. Select Allow.  7. Another popup will appear. Select Allow again.  8. Now your Mi Fit will be connected with Google Fit.