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How to change DNS in Microsoft Edge?

You can easily change your DNS servers from Microsoft Edge for browsing the internet. Instead of changing for the whole computer, sometimes it becomes necessary to change DNS for just the browser only. So in those cases, to change DNS in Microsoft Edge, these are the steps we need to take -  1. Click on the three-dots on the top right of the browser.  2. Select Settings .  3. Now from the left sidebar of Microsoft Edge, choose Privacy, search and services .  4. Scroll down the privacy related settings page and under Security , turn on the toggle button for - "Use secure DNS to specify how to lookup the network address for websites." 5. Now select " Choose a service provider ". 6. Type any DNS address on the searchbox where it's written - Enter custom provider.  7. Now enter any DNS of your choice. For eg- for Cloudflare.  8. You can also add any other DNS from the dropdown list. 

Discover music videos with less than million views!

This site lets you explore less popular music videos not exceeding a million views. If you are tired of watching the same popular music videos, this site will help you explore more unique and unknown videos.  The unique thing about this site is that while other websites focus on machine generated curation and music discovery, Here Before a Million helps you discover new music handpicked by actual humans.  If a video's view count exceeds the limit of one million views, it will be removed from the catalogue so that all the videos stay below a million view count. Happy exploring! Here Before a Million - Web

How to set homepage in Microsoft Edge?

To change homepage in Microsoft Edge, follow the steps below:  1. Click on the three-dots to open the context menu of Edge.    2. Now click on Settings .  3. Then select Appearance from the sidebar.  4. Now, under Customise toolbar, turn on the toggle button next to Show home button .  5. Under Set home page below , write down the new home page that you'd like to set.   

Calm yourself with relaxing sounds of nature

Sounds of Earth brings to you nature sounds from various parts of the world.  It was mainly created for raising awareness for the protection and restoration of rainforests and our ecosystems, keeping in mind the needs of the future generations, so that the people of the future too can enjoy what nature has to provide. If you're a nature lover and really love the beauty of the Earth and sounds that nature bestows abundantly, you'll love this site. It has collections of ambient natural sounds from various forests and other natural sites of the world like Vietnam, Japan, Germany, Canada, Portugal, California and more.  You can use it whenever you want to unwind and relax and you can also meditate while listening to it. Sounds of Earth - Web