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How to export bookmarks in Microsoft Edge?

To export bookmarks in Microsoft Edge, follow the steps below - 1. Click on the three-dots to open the menu of Edge.  2. Now click on Favorites.  The favorites menu will open. 3. Now click on the three dots on the top.  4. Select the option Export favorites .                                                                    Now you can save the exported bookmarks file.                                                                                                                          

How to make Archer T2U Nano work on Linux Mint and Ubuntu?

If you have Linux Mint or Ubuntu installed on your computer, the AC600 Archer T2U Nano won't work right away if you don't have the correct drivers installed.  Archer T2U Nano Driver Installation So to get it working, first we have to install the RTL8812AU driver. The commands are - git clone cd ~/rtl8812au sudo make dkms_install Now your Wi-Fi network should start appearing in the list of all the networks. Even after it shows up, the 5GHz option may still not appear. For that, you'll have to install another driver. We have to install the driver for USB Wifi adapters using the RTL8821AU and RTL8811AU chipsets.  Follow the commands below -  sudo apt-get update Now, install the required packages -  sudo apt-get install -y dkms git Create a directory - mkdir src  Now go to the newly created directory - cd ~/src Download the driver - git clone Now, go to the newly created directory - cd ~/src/8

How to change start page in Microsoft Edge?

Just like other popular browsers, the startup page of Microsoft Edge can be changed too. If you have a favorite website that you would like to set it as your homepage on the startup of Edge browser, you can easily do it by following the steps below - Change startup page on Microsoft Edge -  Step 1. Click on the three-dots to open the context menu of Microsoft Edge.  2. Now click on Settings.  3. The settings page will now open.  4. Then click on On start-up from the sidebar of Edge. 5. Now select the option - Open a specific page or pages . 6. Now click on Add a new page .   7. You can now enter any of your desired URL on the popup box. For example - if you want to open Google everytime you startup Edge, you will have to add Google to the list.    8. On the box under "Enter a URL", enter the website address - or any other website that you would like to add. 9. Then click on the Add button.  Now everytime you open Microsoft Edge, Google will open aut

How to clear cache in Microsoft Edge on Android?

To clear cache in Microsoft Edge on Android, follow the steps below -  1. Tap on the three-dot icon to open the context menu of Edge.  2. Now select Settings .  3. After opening the settings page, scroll down and under the Advanced section, select Privacy and Security .  4. The Privacy and Security page will open.  5. Now scroll down the page and select Clear browsing data .  6. Many options will show up. From all of the options, tap on the checkbox alongside Cached images and files .  7. Now tap on the Clear button.    This will clear all the cache associated with Microsoft Edge on Android.

Discover chill music with Vibe City FM

If you like to chill at the end of the day after working and love listening to music for de-stressing, this will be the perfect station for you. Vibe City FM plays chillout and relaxing music with a beautiful background that will take you through a relaxing ride across the city. If you like a particular song and want to know the name of track, you can find it on the bottom-right corner of the screen.  Vibe City FM - Web