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How to never relapse on NoFap

People try to become porn free and fap free for various kinds of reasons. Some people want to be more productive and want to start new activities in their life like a new business, for learning a new skill or some just want to stay more happy and want to bring out the best version of themselves. Whatever our goal is, we need to be consistent with our streaks if we want to solve our problems.

Even if we don't see any benefits for some days, we should never break our streak. Only when you break your streak, you seem to notice that you've actually improved a lot and your energy was a lot higher before breaking that streak. But once we break our streak, we become weak. We often take the benefits of our NoFap streak for granted.

To maintain your streak for a long period of time, you need to connect to your spiritual side. You should not only focus on the immediately visible benefits of not watching porn and masturbating. But you should try to dive deep into your spiritual side.

For that, you need to become aware of your daily thoughts and habits. Watch your thoughts of lust, anger, greed etc. These thoughts are negative and are not good for your mental and physical health. If you keep an eye on your thoughts and control it daily, eventually they will lose their power and they will not be able to control you, instead you will be able to control them.

For example, while we become angry, we might immediately say something to someone we didn't mean to say, but our anger made us say it and we regret it afterwards. This regret can be painful. This is what happens with our NoFap streaks too. Our greed and lust tries to control us and makes us watch porn and fap and makes us regret later and also makes us addicted and weak.

But, if we don't give in to our thoughts and the mind which is stained by these negative emotions, we tend to become stronger day by day. Soon, your mind will become so strong that you will start achieving new things in your life that you haven't thought will ever be possible.

Apply your precious and powerful mind in doing other useful and productive things. You have to train your mind daily without breaking your momentum. You need to stay focused on your goals. That energy for doing something productive combined with the energy from saving your semen is extremely powerful.

The sexual energy needs to be converted for some other creative outlet so it doesn't find a way to get out through physical forms of desire which can make you weak and your life dull. You have to be very careful when thoughts like lust and greed for porn arises. Don't give them any attention and don't try to forcefully stop them.

Instead, try to focus your mind on other things that you love and if possible, workout and do some physical forms of exercise when the energy level is high. The moment you get urges for porn and fapping is when you have a high amount of energy. So instead of wasting your rare and precious energy over temporary pleasures, you need to do something productive. Ask yourself these questions, "How can I save my streak?", "What can I do to prevent myself from relapsing?" "Do I really need to relapse"? "Am I only this strong?" and think of ways that will make your streak both longer and better than the last streak you had.

Always keep in mind that if you break your streak, you will be back to your limited and weak self and you'll have to start working hard again to bring your energy levels back. Even if you don't lose all of the benefits, but still you lose your momentum and energy levels and that sweet feeling of peace and happiness that you felt during your streak.

Also don't just think about weeks or days or months. Think of what you could have done if you stopped watching porn and fapping all these years and what could you achieve after a year if you keep saving your energy. With the extreme amount of energy that you could have gained by abstaining and never relapsing on your NoFap journey, you could've achieved a lot. But it's never too late. You can abstain this year and start from today.

With the power of your will, not only can you save your energy but you can also save yourself from breaking your hard-earned streak. So control your mind, don't let the mind control you.


More ways to prevent relapses on NoFap and ways to stop watching porn:

1. Don't get too attached to days and day counters. While sometimes the counter helps in keeping track of your good habits, but becoming too attached to days is not beneficial. It often does harm than good.

For example, if we relapse after a 30 day streak and reset our counter to day 0, the mind starts to make you believe negative things like "I'm not capable enough for maintaining a long streak", or that "I can't pass a certain number of days", "I always keep on relapsing", "I can't do this", "This is so hard", "I'm addicted" etc.

2. For the mind to not stray towards porn, you need to keep your mind occupied by keeping it busy doing other things.

3. Find out the root cause of your addiction and try to solve it. For example, if you tend to relapse while staying alone, you can go outside. But be careful, don't do activities just for the sake of not relapsing. Have fun while doing other activities. If you go outside just to not relapse, in case you have to stay indoors someday, your urges can definitely haunt you.

4. Think about what you could have accomplished in all these years that you wasted watching porn and fapping. Even though the time will not come back, but the future is in your hands, so you don't need to worry. 

5. Make a list of goals that you want to accomplish. Do it step by step. First, make a list of what you want to achieve today. Make another list of what you want to achieve this week. Make another list for the things you want to do and skills you want to learn in this month. Make another list for the goals you want to reach this year.

6. Keep your momentum - You can do the things listed here or make your own list to prevent fapping and watching porn and be successful in maintaining your streak, but if you don't make it a habit and don't keep your momentum, the energy and benefits will not be so powerful. 

Sure, you will have some benefits that will stay with you. But don't get settled with too few benefits. Life is not long, therefore try to get as many benefits as you can from your NoFap streak while you're still young.

Start your new life from today and don't look back. If you keep your momentum, you can live the future happily and without stress. You no longer will have to regret about not stopping your Porn, Masturbation and Ejaculation habits earlier.

7. Change your pattern of thoughts and actions. For example, whenever you feel stressed, your mind may turn towards porn or whenever you feel bored and you have nothing to do at that moment, your mind may gravitate towards porn. Change these habits. These habits are the reason why a lot of us fail to maintain our NoFap streaks even though we try hard. If these habits continue, the mind starts to associate watching porn as a stress buster and the body starts to follow accordingly. The mind also starts to believe porn as a boredom killer if we watch porn every time we are bored.

8. Calm your mind - Take some time out of your daily schedule and sit doing nothing and try to think of nothing. You can play some soothing music while doing this. This will train the mind to stay calm in the event of urges and will prevent relapses and wet dreams.

9. Don't just do it only for yourself - It's great if you want to change your habits for yourself only and you want to improve by doing it. But if you find it hard to stay on track and relapse frequently, try doing it for others. It can be for a loved one, for your pet, for your passion. For example, if you are a guitarist and you want to improve more day by day, so in that case, do it for your guitar skill improvement. You can also do it for the whole world.

Do it for the improvement of the world. The energy that you gain while on your streak can be used to help the world. You can volunteer, learn a skill like programming and create apps for helping others. Learn music to entertain others. Start a blog to help others. You can do so many things with your energy. So just give one more chance to yourself and see what you can accomplish. Just don't break your momentum.