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How to type without looking at the keyboard

Typing without looking at the keyboard is a very useful skill. It boosts productivity and saves you a lot of time and effort. Typing without looking is actually much easier than typing by looking at the keyboard once you get used to it.

How to get started?

Step 1 - Make it a habit not to look at the keyboard. Keep your fingers on the home row, your left hand index finger on f and your right hand index finger on j.
To practice and learn more about it, visit the Typing site - Learn to type.

Step 2 - Complete all the exercises on By practicing daily, you will get better and better over time and soon you'll be able to type over 100 WPM.

Step 3 - To make your typing experiences more fun, participate in typing races at sites like Typeracer. You can also use TIPP10, which is a great free typing tutor since it not only provides an online tutor but also a completely free software for offline use!

Step 4 - Use the Vimium extension for Chrome and Firefox to get used to typing at a faster pace and typing for nearly every navigation, without touching the mouse and without looking at the keyboard.

This will improve your typing skills a lot and will make you addicted to typing. After you get better, consider buying a mechanical keyboard which will double the fun of typing.

Step 5 - Make sure to make an account on the sites listed above and practice daily, even if it's for just 10 or 5 minutes. By creating an account, you can keep track of your stats, performance and improvement over time. Keeping track of your WPM and accuracy improvement will motivate you to practice more to get better. That's why creating an account is a very important step that we need to take instead of just casually typing.

In the next tutorial, we will look at more sites to improve your typing skills.

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