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6 websites to make you type faster | Become a Typing Master

Today we will look at 6 great websites that will definitely improve your typing skills. You will become faster and more accurate at your typing if you practice daily. They will also make typing actually very fun. So, let's get started:

1. Type Gun  

Type Gun is a uniquely styled website to improve your typing accuracy and speed. It looks very clean without distracting elements and is focused on a gaming style. It has different modes like Arcade Mode, Challenges and Practice Levels. In the arcade mode, you get Easy, Medium, Hard and Ultra Zong mode for typing. You can also select the time of your text, whether you want to take a 60 seconds test, 30 seconds test or a 120 seconds test, according to your choice.

2. 10fastfingers

Next on the list is 10fastfingers. It features a 60 second typing test in normal mode and one in an advanced mode. It supports a variety of languages to type. You can also practice the different languages on this site, other than English language for experience and improvement of your typing skills. You can also take part in typing competitions in different languages on 10fastfingers. Moreover, it features a practice mode, top 1000 words of your language practice, multiplayer typing test and the ability to create custom typing tests.

3. Nitro Type  

Nitro Type allows you to compete against other typists (racers). By creating an account, you get access to the garage, from where you can buy different cars with cash earned by completing the typing races. They also organize different contests during different occasions like Christmas, New Year, Summer and so on. If you type and improve daily, you can soon see your name on the Leaderboards of Nitro Type.

4. Ratatype

It is another online typing tutor where you can take typing tests and improve your speed. You can also get certified by Ratatype once you complete their lessons. The higher your speed and accuracy, the more impressive your certificate will be.

5. Type Racer 

Type Racer is one of the most popular typing competition sites. It features real time ranking of different players around the world. It gives you different pieces of text to type in each race. The text passages can be from a movie, a song or a book. Practicing various kinds of texts on Type Racer will tremendously improve your typing skills, both speed and accuracy.

6. Typing Club 

Typing Club is a beautifully designed typing tutor site where you can learn typing step by step with their great typing lessons. It has more than 600 lessons, each focused on teaching you different words and rows of the keyboard. It has an interesting format and design. Some lessons are focused on the home row, some on the top row, some on the bottom row of the keyboard. After you complete the basic row exercises, you can type out the other lessons that contain a mix of words and numbers.

The above websites are guaranteed to make you a touch typist. You'll be able to type without looking at the keyboard. Gone will be the days where you struggle to type in a dark or a low lighted room. Very soon you'll become a very fast typist and join the elite club of typists who types over 200 WPM. You just need to type daily, even if it's for 10 minutes.

Doing speeds over 200 WPM is possible on certain pieces of texts on some sites. Even if you don't reach 200 WPM easily, don't give up.

If you keep on practicing daily, reaching speeds over 100 WPM is definitely possible in a year. We should mainly focus on accuracy and rhythm and never on speed. Speed will naturally increase over time.


Unknown said…
i want to type faster
Gyanist said…
You can easily average 100 WPM if you practice daily. You can find more websites for typing practice on the page below.