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How to complete the first 30 days of NoFap?

Overcome urges during the first 30 days of NoFap:

If you’re trying to become a Fapstronaut by going full hard mode or just want to complete 90 days of NoFap, you already have an idea on how the first 30 days are one of the most difficult.

But if you somehow get past the 30 days, you will be on a completely different level and the whole NoFap journey becomes a lot easier after the first 30 days.

So, how do you get past the first 30 days on NoFap? Here are the steps that you need to follow:

1. Do not peek, ever

Your subconscious mind will try to take you back to your old self many times. Just keep on saying no to your mind and keep staying strong.

Peeking also includes all kinds of erotica, even milder forms - in YouTube videos, TV series, Instagram, Twitter, reddit NSFW posts etc.

2. Sleep early at night

Always try to sleep as much early as possible. Waking up till late hours will just increase the temptation and urges and might lead to a relapse, which you do not want during the first month at all.

If you somehow wake up in the middle of the night, just meditate and try to fall asleep, never give in to your urges.  

3. Stay away from triggers

Most people don’t notice that the biggest triggers often lie dormant in the form of inactive desires and thoughts.

Some kind of memory or a habitual pattern of thinking can activate that trigger and lead to a relapse.

So always be careful when feelings like that arise and stop them immediately at their subtlest form.

4. Stop urges at their initial level

Even after a lot of trying and practice, sometimes you may still get urges.

If you face that kind of a situation, always try to stop the urges at their initial level and don’t let them grow.

Otherwise it becomes difficult to control and your urges will start controlling you, instead of you controlling them.

But if you keep on practicing stopping urges whenever they arise at their starting point itself, they will stop reducing day by day and will no longer harm your progress and you’ll be easily able to complete the first 30 days.

5. Help others on /r/nofap/new

Whenever you feel any urge, immediately start helping other people on subreddits like /r/nofap and /r/pornfree. Check out the new posts and unanswered ones.

Even if you’re just starting out and on a low streak count like day 5 or something, please help others out.

These communities are all about helping each other out and that way, together we can grow and become the best version of ourselves.

Don’t underestimate yourself if you’re on a low day count like less than 10 days. You are still trying and that’s what sets you apart from people that don’t even bother trying to excel in self-discipline.

And there will always be someone who is just starting out on NoFap and is completely new to the terms and habits that we need to follow on our NoFap journey.

So you can help them and try to understand their mindset, their problems and think about how you can help them.

Doing so will not only help the person asking the question but it will also improve your own skill of understanding the patterns of habits and how to control them.

You can save your streak with this technique every time. This is a very underrated technique unlike the popular techniques for reducing urges like cold showers and working out.

6. Read and ponder upon helpful comments

Sometimes, some of the most useful comments get deeply buried and get less upvotes. So make sure to save helpful comments too, along with the main posts.

Pondering on useful words and trying to apply them to your own life can greatly improve your ability to complete months of NoFap without any problem.  

Also, don't underestimate good advice from people with a low day counter badge, they may have relapsed after a long streak and that's why they might have a low day count. So try to consume knowledge from everywhere and apply it to your own streak.

7. Treat urges as progress

A streak with urges along the way means you are improving. But don’t give in to your urges, no matter how tempting they appear.

It will try to tempt you at first but once you relapse, it will fill you with regret.

But if you don’t give in and stay strong and true to yourself - that way you will complete the first month without a single relapse and you can even be successful for as long as you want, not just the first few weeks of NoFap.

Even the biggest of temptations and urges lose their power over time, if practiced with consistent effort over a long period of time, with sincerity and a strong belief that you can do it with ease.  

8. Apply your new-found energy

The newly gained energy can be used to help other people, to improve yourself by learning new skills and just staying happy all the time.

The thoughts and emotions that used to trouble you will no longer do so, since the mind will remain extremely controlled.

Controlling urges is not an easy thing to do, but if you’re able to do it for 30 days straight, it will become easier and you will be able to control any kind of negative emotions and thoughts just with the power of your will.

If you wish, you can extend your streak and take it to 90 days, 100 days or as long as you want.

Here are some things to do to keep yourself busy if urges arise.

9. Don’t regret if you relapse

If you relapse by any chance, don’t regret and don’t fall into the trap of relapsing again. Instead, try to note down what kind of thinking pattern made you relapse and avoid that pattern of thinking in the future to avoid relapses.

10. Use breathing exercises

To calm down urges and stress, you will have to meditate daily, two or more than two times a day.

Also consider meditating and do breathing exercises during the moment you get urges. It will not only calm down your urges, but will also help prevent urges in the future and will train your mind to stay disciplined and not easily slip away the moment urges arrive to disturb your streak.

11. Learn to say “not today”

Whenever you’re troubled by your urges, just say not today and keep doing other things. Just keep saying “not today” or "not now" and let go of the false temptations.

12. Use nostalgia

Listen to songs or watch cartoons that you used to watch as a kid and try to evoke feelings of nostalgia. It will make you feel aligned with your younger self and contemplate how you used to be so full of energy and life and try to immerse yourself and stay in that state.

It will definitely help in calming urges which can help you from relapsing and it will make yourself full of life and vibrancy again, just like your childhood.

13. Use music

I can’t stress this enough - how music can help change your mindset and energy. Try experimenting with various kinds of music.

Just like nostalgic feelings, obscure, ambient, slack key and tropical music helps a lot in calming urges which can definitely save you from a relapse and will help you to successfully complete your first 30 days of NoFap without any struggle.

You can also try experimenting with other music as well. Just make sure that whether it’s listening to music or meditating, you’ll have to do it everyday, even during the days when you don’t feel any urges - this will train the mind to stay strong and disciplined and will definitely prevent relapses.

If you've read the whole post, then I'm sure you'll be able to complete the first 30 days without any breaking of your streak since you've got a strong desire to do so. If you're constantly struggling to get past the first 10 days, you can connect with me, I'll get back to you within 48 hours.


Anonymous said…
Am very very happy for your tips thanks
Gyanist said…
You're welcome. Best of luck for your self improvement journey!