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25 ways to overcome laziness

Ways to stop feeling tired and lazy:

1. Don't believe that you are lazy

The first step is quite straightforward. We often become more lazy than we actually are simply because of the reason that we strongly believe that we are lazy and we believe that it will be very difficult to change that habit.

However, if we keep on believing that we're becoming less lazy each day, soon our body and mind will be in harmony and you'll be surprised at how much less lazy you will become. It's all about believing in yourself. Keep working on it and do the things you need to do on a daily basis, don't focus too much on the negative parts and you'll become less lazy soon.

2. Fake it till you make it

If you find it difficult to stay motivated and often find that you're being lazy, fake and act as if you're a very energetic person and not lazy at all, and keep on working and keep moving on, no matter how many mental and physical obstacles come in your way.

We often fail or don't completely succeed in something simply because we give up after a lot of failures. But if you keep on struggling, the mind will automatically stop distinguishing between things like failures, success, laziness, energy and will just supply you constant inspiration and motivation to help you move forward in your life, without even feeling a tinge of laziness.

3. Be determined

Be constantly determined and apply both theory and practical knowledge to keep your laziness at bay. Theories are rules or ways that you've read or you know by yourself from your own experiences on how to overcome laziness.

Practical parts to remove laziness are ways that help you get rid of laziness on a daily basis. Things like working out, going out daily for a run, rope skipping, swimming, cooking all by yourself even when you don't feel like it and other physical activities which helps to overcome laziness quickly, if you keep on practicing them daily.

By staying determined to achieve your goals, you'll no longer remain your old self - lazy and unproductive. You'll become a completely new person if you keep focusing on your goal to become not lazy and if you keep on working for it as much as you can.

4. Rely on discipline rather than motivation or inspiration

It is your self-discipline that will help you move forward in your life and will make you less lazy and will help you become more productive in your life.

Motivation and inspiration works, but only when we believe in ourselves with full faith and work accordingly for our goals. In this case, your goal will be on how to become less lazy, day by day, and to completely remove laziness from your life, like you don't even know what laziness is, that should be your goal.

Being disciplined all the time means you don't ever lose focus, no matter how many obstacles or energy drainers come in your way. An energy drainer can be anything like useless thoughts, negative thoughts, limiting beliefs or laziness itself.

Don't focus on the things that drain your energy and keep moving forward with your life, don't look back and never believe in the negative and limiting beliefs created by your own mind or other people.

5. Stay away from negative people

Many people will say things that might make you depressed and lazy. Don't focus on their beliefs. Just because they said that something doesn't work for them doesn't mean that it will not work for you. That is why it is always a better idea to stay away from people who create self-limiting and negative beliefs and people who spread negativity.

Some people intentionally spread negativity and some don't. Some may genuinely try to help you and in the process can teach you directly or indirectly that something doesn't work this or the other way - in a way impose negative beliefs upon you.

It may not be their intention to hurt you but even then we should stay away from those kinds of people and don't believe their ways and their limiting beliefs.

Staying away from certain types of people doesn't mean you should hate them. It's better to not hate anyone since emotions like hate will further create negative energies and emotions like anger, anxiety and it creates a channel for bad habits like laziness and unproductivity. So don't hate anyone, just avoid negative people in a non-hateful way.

6. Learn new skills

Instead of watching TV or YouTube or spending time on social media during your free time, invest time in learning new skills. You can learn many skills on YouTube itself. So watch skill related videos. If you don't know how to cook or if you want to improve your cooking skills, watch cooking related videos.

If you don't know how to type without looking at the keyboard, learn how to touch type or practice more to increase your speed. High typing speeds can always result in saving more time and it will make you more productive.   

Meditation and breathing exercises also work for removing laziness completely. Meditation can be anything from simple staying blank meditation, focusing on the breath to meditating on music. Breathing exercises also helps to properly channel your energy throughout the whole body which will help you become less lazy and will keep you more active and energetic throughout the day.

7. Give up anger completely

Like mentioned previously, anger takes away your energy and gives chance to other negative emotions and energies to affect you. Furthermore, it allows negative energies and negative thoughts to become greater day after day and can result in anxiety, or laziness in the future if not handled properly.

Therefore always stay away from anger as it will not only make you weak but it also leads to negative and undesirable consequences which will never take place in your life if you stop anger at its subtlest form.

8. Don't become too attached to results

We often become lazy and tend to procrastinate because we focus a lot on the results. We fear failure and that is why we don't even take a single step for our goals in life. But if we take action in spite of fear or other negative thoughts, the process of working towards our goals and achieving good results becomes a lot easier.

Keep working on your goals daily. Every little step matters. Just like little negative thoughts daily can turn your life around and can make you a completely lazy person, similarly small steps towards positivity and positive thoughts can affect you in a good way and will turn around your life completely and can make you a whole new person. You can become the best version of yourself if you work on reducing and finally completely removing laziness from your life.

9. Spend time with nature

Spending some alone time in nature can boost your creativity and productivity to a great extent. Spending time with nature can be anything - from sitting on a beach or just basking in the sunlight outdoors or even swimming in a pool.

One thing to note when spending time with nature is that try to immerse yourself in nature, like when you're walking or running in an area filled with trees or beautiful mountains, take deep breaths and fill your mind with nature's energy. Try to merge with the beauty of nature and fill yourself with positive vibes.

While swimming, stop for a while and look at just how beautiful the water looks when sunlight falls on it. How captivating the water of the pool looks when the air moves the water and creates tiny waves.

10. Be consistent

Work to remove laziness from your life and stay true to yourself, each and every day. If you drift away from your goal to not become lazy even for a single day, it will become difficult to get rid of laziness completely.

It's better to continue and increase your progress over time with hard work and determination. If you keep on working hard and believe in yourself daily, your laziness will start decreasing, day by day. But if you lose your consistency and try to go into the comfort zone, the chances of laziness coming back into your life will increase.

That is why remain focused each and every moment and keep on improving and developing your energy. Keep in mind that your energy can be increased to a great extent if you stay away from habits like laziness, procrastination, anger etc. and improve yourself continuously, without breaking your momentum. Laziness is the one of the main mental barriers that stops people from becoming the best versions of themselves.

The above 10 points are enough to help you get rid of laziness if you follow them on a daily basis. But if you want to completely stop feeling tired and lazy and you want quick results, then you you should take immediate action from today itself by following the steps below -

11. Use to-do lists

Using to-do lists can help you greatly in becoming productive for your day to day life and will definitely help to overcome laziness. You can use any kind of to-do list you prefer, from paper to a mobile app.

To-do lists can become very useful for your daily productivity and workflow, and if you start using them on a regular basis and complete your tasks accordingly, you'll start to notice that a lot of the tasks can be completed if we carefully plan and organize, instead of just worrying about our pending tasks. 

12. Don't stress too much

Stress is of no use. As mentioned above, worrying about our remaining tasks only makes it more difficult to complete them. But instead if you take action right away, and use proper techniques like using to-do lists and proper planning and organization, you will find it very easy to beat procrastination on a daily basis.

But if you keep on stressing yourself out, the energy that you have will also be wasted on anxious thoughts and it will create the potential to develop more negative thoughts like fear, anger and laziness.

Therefore, make it a habit of not stressing yourself and practice it daily. Staying away from stress is also a practice and can be improved over time by repetition. Just like laziness, stress can also be avoided and finally completely removed from your life if you work for it daily without breaking your progress, even for a single day.

13. Break down your tasks into small steps

If you're afraid to take action because a lot of work is needed to achieve your goals, break down your work into little tasks. This is one of the main reasons for laziness and procrastination - not breaking down our work into achievable and little tasks.

We often become lazy and try to give up doing something because the workload to complete a task appears a lot. And that is an illusion created by the mind because it fails to perceive properly when we try to force the mind to do big tasks at one go.

But if you break down your work into small chunks and complete them one at a time, you'll feel like your workload has reduced a lot and it is one of the best ways to overcome laziness and procrastination. Practicing this habit daily will definitely help you in any area of your life.

14. Always remain content

Contentment is the path to true happiness and actual, long-term happiness. If you stay content with what you have, your state of mind will naturally attract the things you actually need for the well-being of your life instead of unnecessary things that the mind craves for.

Contentment also makes you appreciate the small things of life and helps you understand the value of the minute and detailed experiences of everyday life. Remaining content makes us less stressful and hence it is one of the best habits that we need to practice regularly in order to remove laziness and tiredness.

It may sound weird at first, how can contentment make us less lazy? But if you practice contentment on a daily basis, you'll start to notice the difference. The beliefs of the mind and thought patterns will automatically rewire for your good and you'll be amazed at how much less lazy you'll become just by practicing the art of staying content all the time, every single day.

15. Have goals on your mind constantly

Having various goals on your mind on a constant basis will help you become less lazy. But the point to remember in having a lot of goals is that we need to work for one goal at a time. Also never stress and worry about completing your goals.

You need to constantly stay alert and work to complete your goals daily, but in a non-stressful way. Taking stress for our tasks will further create laziness or anxiety and it creates the chances of developing delay or procrastination.

Having a lot of goals will also make you more skilful, a lot more knowledgeable and definitely a lot less lazier if you keep yourself updated with various skills daily. Make it a habit to wake up each morning and write down your new goals and work towards them.

16. Re-explore long lost hobbies

Discovering and exploring or re-exploring your hobbies that you loved to do in the past will make you feel more connected with your non-lazy self. Take out some time daily just for your hobbies that you used to love a lot but you don't follow them anymore because of laziness or lack of leisure time.

If you don't have any hobbies, try to develop new hobbies. It can be anything - playing a musical instrument, writing, digital painting, etc. Having a hobby will make your mind fit and active even during idle hours and no possibility will be left for laziness to develop and affect you.

17. Thrive on your unique energy

If you keep on practicing all the above steps with dedication on a regular basis, you'll start to develop a particular energy that will be unique to you. An energy from within you that will push you forward no matter how many obstacles try to take you down.

Be aware of that energy and make it your own. Own your energy and thrive on it daily. If you don't give in to your laziness, it will stop bothering you but you will have to push yourself daily in order to become the best version of yourself.

After overcoming many obstacles, you'll no longer have to push yourself hard to overcome laziness. You'll automatically be less lazy because you'll no longer be functioning on a low energy. You'll have that energy which you have developed with the power of your own hard work and dedication over time.

18. Help others

Always have in mind the well-being of others. Laziness affects us a lot when we only think of ourselves, our goals and our life. But if we help others and work for the betterment and improvement of other people, things like laziness and anger will never trouble you.

It also becomes a whole lot easier to overcome delay and procrastination along with laziness if you keep on serving others daily. Helping other people doesn't always need to be physically helping people. You can also help people online using YouTube videos, blogging or on online forums.

If you keep on serving others, you'll be astonished at how much less lazy you will become after just a few weeks and if you keep on continuing helping other people whenever possible or on a daily basis if you get the time to do so, you will also feel a lot more happier and fulfilled with your life. So form a habit to help other people everyday.

19. Don't stop improving yourself

If you make yourself strongly determined to completely remove laziness from your life forever, you can achieve it. It's the same with all habits. Good habits may take a while to form, but once it becomes firmly established, it will not easily go away. So keep on learning and improving yourself every single day.

Whether by reading new philosophies on how to control the mind or improving one's self, or by physically working out, keep your mind and body constantly fit by focusing on self-improvement strategies.

20. Apply your knowledge

You can learn a lot of techniques on how to overcome laziness or any other self improvement technique, but if you don't apply it, it will not be very powerful. So apply your knowledge gained from reading or from your own experiences. Knowledge is only powerful when you apply it to your life. Application is powerful and life-changing rather than just passive knowledge.

21. Use the bed only at night

Don't study or browse the internet on the bed during the day. Spend less time on the bed as much as you can. Spending a lot of time on the bed makes you feel relaxed and the mind wants to make you stay in the comfort zone. While it feels nice to do many activities on the bed, in the long-term, spending many hours on the bed will lead to laziness.

22. Have a burning desire to change

Having a little desire to not be lazy will not help much. You should have an extremely intense desire to change your lazy self and turn yourself into a completely non-lazy person in as much less time as possible.

If you stay focused on your goal to be not lazy and improve yourself and have constant dedication to change yourself every single day, you will start to see changes after just a few weeks.

23. Don't give up if you face setbacks

Giving up is the path to failure. So never ever give up on your quest to remove laziness and be a completely non lazy person. Even if you face obstacles at first or no matter how many mental or physical obstructions you face, don't give up.

Start small, take little steps but stay focused and keep yourself updated with new skills and knowledge every day, so that both your mind and body will stay active and will help you to bring out the best version of yourself.

24. Turn obstacles into opportunities

Whenever you face any obstacle in your journey towards self improvement, see it as an opportunity instead of an obstacle. An opportunity that will give you the strength to improve yourself more and learn more about self improvement techniques and strategies.

For example, if you want to improve yourself and you're starting to feel good, you're starting to workout everyday but some days you just can't do it, you tend to become lazy and you feel weak. Some people will see it as an obstacle and give up. But if you want to move ahead of the rest of the pack, you can see it as an opportunity.

Instead of giving up because of laziness, we can see this obstacle as an opportunity to learn how to get rid of laziness and apply the knowledge to achieve our goals. This was one of the many examples. Whenever you face any kind of obstacle, face it and conquer it. By doing this, you will add a lot of skills to your repertoire.  

25. Let go of struggle

Sometimes it's better to let go of trying too hard and ease yourself. Take things with ease. When we stress too much about accomplishing our goals, stress bothers us and it becomes even difficult to carry out our day to day tasks and anxiety and anger tries to control our actions which also leads to more unwanted consequences. Hence, to keep situations and our mindset in a positive flow, we need to ease the struggle from time to time.