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How to browse the internet without using the mouse

Today, let's learn how to browse websites without using the mouse. This works on internet browsers through extensions. If you are using Chrome, there is an extension called Vimium, by which you can surf the internet without touching the mouse. It works by using keyboard shortcuts for web navigation.

You can also try the Vimium add-on on Firefox.

How to install Vimium on Chrome?

Step 1 - Go to the Chrome Web Store and install Vimium. Here's the link: Vimium for Chrome.

Step 2 - After a successful install, try using it by going to your favorite website. Press f, it will show various letters over the links. If you want to go to a link, see which letter is shown over that link and press that letter on your keyboard. By doing that the browser will redirect you to that link.

Step 3 - You can customize many things in Vimium, like custom key mappings, adding custom search engines and so on.

Here are some commands to help you become a master of Vimium:

How to install Vimium on Firefox?

Step 1 - Go to the addons page by pressing Ctrl + Shift + A and search for Vimium.

Step 2 - After installing it, try to use it by pressing f and navigating the links. Use the above picture as a guide to using Vimium. The commands are the same on Firefox as well.

You can also exclude some sites where you don't want Vimium to work by going to the options page.

With practice, you will become very smooth at using Vimium and it will make your internet browsing experience much better over time. To get the most fun out of it, you need to become a touch typist, that is if you are able to type without looking at the keyboard, the experience will be much better.

In the next tutorial, we will take a look on how to type without looking at the keyboard and also how to type very fast.

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