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How to apply the law of assumption?

Manifestation is an incredible journey and a skill that you can master by using and applying various techniques, and one of the most powerful tools you can use is the Law of Assumption.

This law revolves around the idea that assuming the feeling of your desire already being fulfilled can bring that desire into reality. 

Unlike the Law of Attraction which focuses on attracting what you want, the Law of Assumption is about embodying the state of already having it. 

The Law of Assumption is grounded in the belief that your reality is a reflection of your assumptions. If you assume that you are loved, healthy and successful, then your external reality will begin to mirror these assumptions. This law suggests that your subconscious mind will accept as true whatever you consistently assume and feel to be true.

Here's how you can apply the Law of Assumption in your daily life.

1. Identify Your Desire

The first step is to clearly identify what you want. Be specific about your desire, whether it's a new job, a loving relationship, financial abundance, or personal growth. Write it down to make it more serious and real.

2. Create a Mental Scene

Visualize a scenario that implies your desire has already been fulfilled. This scene should be vivid and detailed, engaging all your senses. For example, if you desire a new home, imagine walking through your dream house, touching the walls, smelling the fresh paint, and hearing the echoes of your footsteps.

Be as much detailed as possible and do this exercise several times in a day.

3. Enter a Relaxed State

Find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed. Sit or lie down comfortably and close your eyes. Take deep breaths to relax your body and mind. This relaxed state, similar to the state before sleep, is ideal for impressing your subconscious mind with your assumption.

4. Assume the Feeling

While visualizing your desired scene, focus on the feeling of already having what you want. Feel the joy, satisfaction, and gratitude as if your desire has already manifested. This emotional connection is very important because it convinces your subconscious mind that your assumption is a present reality and not a mere wish of the mind.

5. Repeat Affirmations

Create positive affirmations that reflect your assumption and repeat them daily. For example, if you want to attract a loving relationship, you might say, "I am deeply loved and cherished by my perfect partner." Consistent repetition will help reinforce the assumption in your subconscious mind.

6. Persist in Your Assumption

Persistence is the key. Even if your current reality contradicts your desire, continue to assume and feel as if your wish is already fulfilled. Ignore all of your doubts and negative thoughts and keep your focus on the end result. Over time, your external circumstances will align with your inner assumptions.

Practical Tips for Applying the Law of Assumption

Daily Visualization - Dedicate a few minutes each day to visualize your desired outcome. Morning and at night before sleeping are the best times for this practice.

Mindfulness - Stay mindful of your thoughts and feelings throughout the day. Whenever you catch yourself thinking negatively or doubting, shift back to your positive assumptions.

Gratitude - Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Acknowledge and appreciate the good things in your life, as this helps maintain a positive state of mind.

Positive Environment - Surround yourself with positive influences. Engage with people, books, and media that support your belief in your desires.

Self-Care - Take care of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. A healthy lifestyle supports a positive mindset, making it easier to maintain your assumptions.

You might face challenges and obstacles in your journey. Here's how to overcome those challenges - 

1. Doubt and Negativity

It's natural to experience doubt and negativity, especially when current circumstances seem unchanged. You can combat those feelings by consistently reaffirming your assumptions and focusing on positive feelings. Meditation and mindfulness practices can help you stay centered.

2. Impatience

Manifestation takes time, and impatience can lead to frustration. You need to be patient. Trust the process and keep your focus on the end result, knowing that your desire will manifest in due time.

3. External Influences

Sometimes external influences like negative people or situations can shake your belief. Protect your mental space by limiting exposure to negativity and make sure to make your assumptions stronger with the help of affirmations and visualization.

4. Inconsistency

Inconsistency in your practice can hinder your progress. Make a commitment to daily practice, whether it's visualization, affirmations, or simply maintaining a positive mindset. Consistency will strengthen your assumptions and will speed up your manifestation.

Law of Assumption Affirmations 

Here are some affirmations that you can use in your daily life - 

1. Everything is always working for my highest good. 

2. I trust the universe to bring my desires to fruition.

3. My thoughts create my reality and I am the creator of my thoughts. 

4. I am constantly growing and evolving into my best version.

5. I am worthy of all the happiness that life has to offer. 

6. I am worthy of all the success that the universe has in store for me.

7. I am becoming better and better every single day.

8. I am aligned with my higher purpose.

9. I am grateful for all the blessings in my life.

10. I attract positivity and good things into my life.