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(Solution) Laser distance sensor error - Xiaomi Mop 2 Pro

You might have come across the error on your Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Pro that whenever you want to start a cleaning job, it doesn't work and shows the error.

Below we will take a look at the problems and solutions that can fix this error. 

Let's first start with the error - 

Immediately after starting the cleaning process, it goes into self inspecting mode and then gives the error - "Radar timed out - Please make sure the laser distance sensor is not blocked before starting". 

If this happens - 

1. First, make sure that if any dust particles are getting blocked in front of the Laser Distance Sensor. You can also use a Vacuum cleaner to properly clean the area in front of the sensor.

2. After cleaning any dust particles, try starting the cleaning or mopping process again. If it still gives the error, check if there are any updates available by going to Settings > Firmware update.

In most cases, the error should be fixed after cleaning and installing updates, but if it is still not fixed, try resetting the device. 

To reset the Xiaomi Mop 2 Pro, use a pin and press the reset button for 3 seconds until you hear the voice - "System reset successfully". 

After resetting the device, you'll have to connect to your WiFi again and start the setup process. 

This time, everything should work fine. Since you have reset the device, you will have to create a map again by going to Settings > Create map.

If the map creation process starts successfully, you can be sure that the error is fixed, but if it goes into self inspecting mode and gives out the error of "Radar timed out - Please make sure the laser distance sensor is not blocked" again, it means you will have to replace the Laser Distance Sensor. 

Before raising a complaint, make sure that other parts are properly working by going to Settings > Vacuum-mop settings. Then select the "Remote control" option. After giving the required permissions like location access, you can use the remote control to check if the Vacuum Mop is properly moving or not. 

If it functions and moves left and right, back and forward properly, you can be sure that only the Laser Distance Sensor is not working, other parts are working fine. So you can raise a complaint regarding - "Laser Distance Sensor not working".

For this, you'll have to contact Xiaomi Customer Service. 

1. Install the Xiaomi Service+ app from the Play Store. 

2. Go to My Devices and Add a device by tapping the 3 dot menu on the top-right. 

3. Select any of the two options. Sometimes, the scanning option might not work, so you can choose the second (manual) option.

4. Enter the device serial number or IMEI (You can find it written on the back side of your Xiaomi Mop 2 Pro).

5. Now select the Invoice Date (The date on which you ordered the device). 

6. On the Purchased From field, you can give the online portal from which you bought the device. 

7. You can also upload your invoice if you want. Now select "Add Device". 

8. Now click on the Device by going to "My Devices" section on the app and select "Book Appointment". 

You can now fill up the details like your Name, Address, Phone Number and the problem. Make sure to mention the problem as "Laser Distance Sensor" is not working and finally confirm the appointment. 

Xiaomi will contact you within 48 hours on the given phone number and after confirmation about the problem, they will send a technician to your address. After investigating the problem, if the problem persists, they will order a new Laser Distance Sensor. You will get it for free if your device is still in the warranty period. 

If you have lost your invoice, you can download it from the website from which you have bought the device. For example - if you have bought from Amazon, you can go to the orders section, search for the Xiaomi mop and select the order. There you can find the section "Download Invoice". Selecting it will download the invoice.

This invoice will act as a proof of warranty that your device is still in the warranty period if it has been less than a year of buying the device.

It might take more than 7 days for the new sensor to arrive. So be patient and if it crosses 10 days, you can raise a Grievance.

After the installation of the new Laser Distance Sensor, the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Pro will start working like new again.