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Things to do before deleting your reddit account

Making the decision to delete your Reddit account is not one to be taken lightly. Whether you're seeking a fresh start or concerned about privacy, it's better to handle the process with care!

I will try to walk you through essential steps to take before bidding farewell to Reddit, which I hope will help in preserving your valued content and connections.

1. Save Your Best Moments

Before hitting the delete button, take a stroll down memory lane. Review your post history and save any meaningful or cherished content. 

Capture screenshots or copy memorable discussions and comments. By preserving these moments, you'll have a keepsake of your Reddit journey.

2. Protect Your Privacy

Maintaining privacy is crucial in today's digital age. Before deleting your account, comb through your profile and posts to remove any personal information you may have shared.

Scrub away full names, addresses, phone numbers, or anything else that could potentially compromise your privacy. It's better to be safe than sorry. 

Once you delete your reddit account, there's no going back. You won't be able to delete any of your content later.

3. Tidy Up Subscriptions and Notifications

Clean up your Reddit experience by unsubscribing from communities you no longer wish to receive updates from. Customize your notification settings to align with your preferences. 

This way, you can bid farewell without the inbox clutter and ensure you won't miss out on important updates from other platforms or communities you're involved in.

4. Keep in Touch

If you've formed meaningful connections with fellow Redditors, it's better to inform them of your departure. Reach out to those you want to stay connected with and exchange alternative contact information, such as email addresses or social media handles. 

By doing this you can continue the conversations and maintain those connections outside of Reddit.

5. Hand Over the Reins (If You're a Moderator)

If you're a moderator or owner of any subreddits, it's essential to transfer ownership or make arrangements for their continued management.

Connect with trusted moderators or identify potential replacements who can uphold the integrity of the community. 

You can find new moderators for your subreddit at the "Need a Mod" subreddit.

6. Untangle External Links

If you've linked your Reddit account to other services or applications like Twitter, Facebook or any other third party apps, it's a wise idea to sever those connections before quitting reddit.

This prevents any accidental cross-posting or sharing of content on those platforms after your Reddit account is deleted.

7. Download Your Account Data 

If you want to hold onto a record of your Reddit activity, you can request a copy of your account data. Reddit provides a feature that allows you to download your posts, comments, and messages. It's an optional step if you want to preserve your Reddit history for personal reference or sentimental reasons.

8. Read the Fine Print

Take a moment to revisit Reddit's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before proceeding. Familiarize yourself with the account deletion process and any potential implications. 

If you don't have time to read or find reading the terms too boring, you can use services like TOSDR.

9. Save Important Messages

If you have had significant conversations or received important information through private messages or chats on Reddit, take the time to save or screenshot those messages.

This will allow you to retain access to valuable information or conversations even after your account is deleted.

10. Clear Browser Cookies

Clearing your browser cookies associated with Reddit can help remove any stored login information or preferences tied to your account. This step will ensure that your account information is not accidentally retained on shared devices or public computers.

11. Revoke App Permissions 

If you have authorized any third-party apps or services to access your Reddit account, visit your Reddit account settings and revoke those permissions. It will help in preventing any continued access to your account after deletion.

12. Consider Alternative Options 

Before deleting your account, consider if there are alternative actions you can take to address your concerns. If you're simply looking to reduce your time spent on Reddit, you may want to consider taking a break or adjusting your usage habits instead of permanently deleting your account.

13. Export or Share Content

If you have created valuable content on Reddit, such as artwork, stories, or guides, consider exporting or sharing that content before deleting your account. You can save your posts or share them on other platforms to ensure they remain accessible to others.

14. Cancel Subscriptions or Services 

If you have any recurring subscriptions or services linked to your Reddit account, ensure that you cancel or update them accordingly before deleting your account. This avoids any unintended charges or disruptions to your services.