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How to remove meet now icon from Windows 10's taskbar?

The meet now icon of Windows 10 can be distracting and can disturb your workflow. Here are the steps to remove the meet now icon from your taskbar - 

1. Click on the meet now icon. 

2. Now select Hide. 

This will hide the meet now icon. But if you want to completely disable the meet now icon from your taskbar, follow these steps - 

1. Click on the Windows menu. 

2. Now click on the Settings icon. 

3. Select Personalization

4. Click on Taskbar from the sidebar menu. 

5. This will open the taskbar options. 

6. Now scroll down the options and under Notification area, click on Turn system icons on or off

7. Now click on the toggle button of Meet Now to completely disable the Meet Now icon.  

8. Now the meet now toggle switch should be greyed out and look similar to the screenshot below.

This will disable the meet now icon from the taskbar.