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How to change start page in Microsoft Edge?

Just like other popular browsers, the startup page of Microsoft Edge can be changed too. If you have a favorite website that you would like to set it as your homepage on the startup of Edge browser, you can easily do it by following the steps below -

Change startup page on Microsoft Edge - 

Step 1. Click on the three-dots to open the context menu of Microsoft Edge. 

Arrow pointing to open menu of Edge

2. Now click on Settings. 

Microsoft Edge settings highlight

3. The settings page will now open. 

Microsoft Edge Settings

4. Then click on On start-up from the sidebar of Edge.

Red box highlighting the On startup option

5. Now select the option - Open a specific page or pages.

Arrow pointing towards open a specific page

6. Now click on Add a new page.

Highlighting the add a new page option

7. You can now enter any of your desired URL on the popup box. For example - if you want to open Google everytime you startup Edge, you will have to add Google to the list. 

 Enter URL popup box

8. On the box under "Enter a URL", enter the website address - or any other website that you would like to add.

Entering a custom webpage for startup on Edge

9. Then click on the Add button. 

Highlighting the Add button

Now everytime you open Microsoft Edge, Google will open automatically on startup. 

You can also add more websites by clicking on the Add a new page button.