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How to make AC600 Archer T2U Nano work on Linux Mint and Ubuntu?

If you have Linux Mint or Ubuntu installed on your computer, the tp-link AC600 Archer T2U Nano won't work right away if you don't have the correct drivers installed. 

Archer T2U Nano Driver Installation

So to get it working, first we have to install the RTL8812AU driver. The commands are -

git clone

cd ~/rtl8812au

sudo make dkms_install

Now your Wi-Fi network should start appearing in the list of all the networks. Even after it shows up, the 5GHz option may still not appear. For that, you'll have to install another driver.

We have to install the driver for USB Wifi adapters using the RTL8821AU and RTL8811AU chipsets. 

Follow the commands below - 

sudo apt-get update

Now, install the required packages - 

sudo apt-get install -y dkms git

Create a directory -

mkdir src 

Now go to the newly created directory -

cd ~/src

Download the driver -

git clone

Now, go to the newly created directory -

cd ~/src/8821au-20210708

Then we'll have to run the installation script with the command below -

sudo ./

To complete the process, reboot your system but make sure to save any progress and documents opened on your computer. 

Finally reboot the system - 

sudo reboot 

Now the 5GHz option should start appearing on the list of WiFi networks without any issue!


Anonymous said…
not work ..... ./ Befehl nicht gefunden
Anonymous said…
I initially found that with the 8812au driver I also got just 2.4 GHz. I later found that I did not need the 8812au driver at all. I installed ONLY the 8821 driver and my dongle works fine. The 8821 driver is now at this URL as of 15-Aug-23:
Gyanist said…
Thank you for the information.