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How to remove extensions from Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge extensions are often useful but there can be many extensions just lying there installed without any use cases. So it's better to uninstall the unused ones that no longer serves you. 

Here's how to manually uninstall extensions from Microsoft Edge - 

1. Click on the three-dots to open the menu of Edge. 

2. Next, select Extensions

3. The extensions page will open. 

4. Now click on Remove for the extension that you want to uninstall. 

5. A popup will open for confirmation that you really want to remove the extension. 

6. Click on Remove if you want to remove the extension. 

If you don't want to remove an extension but the popup appeared because of clicking by mistake, click on Cancel

Be careful, sometimes all the associated settings and saved data of an extension will also get deleted if you remove the extension. So make sure to check all the backup options and data before completely removing an extension.