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How to make PDF's open in Chrome instead of Edge?

In Windows 10, PDF's open in Microsoft Edge by default instead of any other browser. So if you want them to open in Google Chrome instead of Edge, here's how to do it - 

1. Select any PDF you want to open. 

2. Now right click on the file and the context menu will open. 

3. Then click on Properties

4. Click on Change

5. Now select your preferred browser, like Google Chrome. 

6. Now click OK

Alternative method -

1. Select any PDF file. 

2. Right-click on the PDF to open the context menu. 

3. Choose Open with

4. Click on Choose another app

5. By default Microsoft Edge is selected. 

6. But we will have to select Google Chrome if we want to make it the default browser for opening PDF files. 

7. Now click on Always use this app to open .pdf files

8. Click on OK

Now all the PDF files on your computer will open in Google Chrome instead of Microsoft Edge.