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How to export contacts on Android 10?

Exporting contacts is a very useful feature that's built right into Android 10. If you want to restore your contacts on a new phone or want your old contacts on a different phone but for some reason don't have it backed up or synced with your Google account, you can use the exported contacts file for restoring your contacts on the different device. 

Here's how to export contacts on Android 10 - 

1. First, open the Contacts app on your phone. 

2. Next, tap the three vertical dots to open the context menu of the Contacts app. 

3. Then select Settings

4. Now the Contacts Manager page will open. 

5. Scroll down the page and select the Import/export option under the heading Contacts Operations

6. Now choose the Export to .vcf file option. 

Done. All your contacts will now be exported to a file which you can use to restore your contacts on other phones.