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How to disable search suggestions in Microsoft Edge?

Search suggestions can often be distracting and can slow down our workflow when we're trying to focus on research for work or studies. So it's better to turn off search suggestions if we find them distracting. 

Hide search suggestions in Microsoft Edge -

These are the steps we need to take to turn off or disable search suggestions in Microsoft Edge - 

1. Click on the three dots on the top-right corner of the browser. 

2. After opening the menu, choose Settings. 

3. The settings page will open. 

4. Now click on Privacy, search and services. 

5. Scroll down the privacy settings page and you will see the option called Address bar and search under Services. Click on that option. 

6. Now turn off the first option by clicking on the toggle button - "Show me search and site suggestions using my typed characters".

Turning this off will hide all search and site suggestions in Microsoft Edge from now on. 

7. If you wish to disable suggestions from history and favorites or bookmarks, you can turn them off as well. 

To disable suggestions from bookmarks and history of Microsoft Edge, click on the next toggle button - "Show me suggestions from history, favorites and other data on this device using my typed characters". 

After disabling it, the button looks greyed out like the screenshot below - 

On Android -

To disable search suggestions of Microsoft Edge on Android, follow the steps below - 

1. Tap on the three horizontal dots to open the menu of Edge. 

2. Now tap on the settings icon. 

3. The settings page will open. 

4. Scroll down the settings page and select Privacy and Security, under the Advanced section. 

5. Selecting that option will open the privacy and security related settings. 

Now tap to unselect the Search and URL suggestions option. 

Deselecting it will stop showing search suggestions as you type on Microsoft Edge.