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How to enable dark theme in Microsoft Edge on Android?

Enabling dark mode can greatly help in reducing eye strain and fatigue. If you are someone who reads a lot at night, then you should definitely use dark mode. 

But right now, Edge only has the dark theme option.

To enable dark theme in Microsoft Edge on Android, these are the steps you need to take - 

1. Click on the three-dots on the bottom center of Edge.

2. Now tap on the Settings icon.

3. Then from the Settings page, select Appearance


4. After opening the Appearance section, choose the Theme option. 

5. Currently the light theme is selected. 


6. Tap on the Dark option to make the theme dark. 

Currently, this will only make the theme of Edge dark, not all pages of websites. At the time of writing this post, there is no default option to make webpages dark, but we have other options like - 

Using Night Screen

Install the app from the Play Store. This app is free and open-source and will also make the screen dim, which will help while you read or browse the web at night, in a low-lighted or dark room.