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How to change search engine in Edge on Android?

The default search engine in Microsoft Edge on Android is set to Bing. If you ever want to change the default search engine of Edge to Google, these are the steps you need to take - 

How to change Bing to Google in Edge on Android?

1. First, click on the three horizontal dots on the bottom of the Edge browser. 

2. This will open the menu of Edge. Now choose Settings.

3. After selecting Settings, a page similar to the screenshot below will appear.

4. Scroll down the page and under Advanced, there's an option called Search. Tap on it. 


5. Now the page containing the listed search engines of Edge will open. 

Select the second option, that is Default search engine.


6. Then we will have to select Google if we want Google to be the default search engine on Microsoft Edge for Android. 

You can also select the DuckDuckGo option if you want DuckDuckGo to be the default search engine or Yahoo! if that's your preference.