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How to connect Mi Band 5 to Google Fit?

To connect your Mi Band 5 to Google Fit, follow the steps below - 

1. Install the Mi Fit app from the Play Store.

2. After signing in to the app with your email and password, go to the Profile tab. 

3. Then click on Add accounts 

4. On the next screen, select Google Fit. 

5. Now click on Add Google Fit

6.You will have to choose any of your Google Account to continue to connect to Google Fit. 

7. After selecting your Google account, an authorization screen will appear like the one on the screenshot below 

8. Scroll down the popup and select Allow

A screen similar to the below screenshot will appear.

9. Now all the activities synced from the Mi Band to Mi Fit will start appearing on Google Fit. 

If you're connecting to Google Fit for the first time, then you will see the continue screen after opening Google Fit. Select Continue as to get started. 

10. Next, you will see the About you screen. Choose the correct info from the dropdown menus of Gender, Height, Weight and your Birthday and click on Next.

11. Then comes the Activity Tracking screen. To track your walking, running and cycling, you will need to allow Google Fit to recognize and track your physical activities. So make sure to tap the Turn on button.

12. After that, Google Fit will ask access for location data. To accurately map your rides, walks and runs, Fit needs access to location data to work in the background. If you want accurate workout data, select Turn on.

13. You're done with the allowing access part. Now it's time to set your activity goals. Tap on Next to continue.

14. Select Next on the info screen on how to score heart points. 

15. On the "Choose your daily goals" screen, select the daily goal you want to continue with. 

If you choose the first option, which is of 5,000 steps, you will get 20 heart points. If you select the second option - that is of 7,500 steps, you will get 30 heart points and selecting 10,000 steps will give you 40 heart points. 

16. Choose your desired option and select Set Goals

Congrats, you're done with setting up your Mi Band with Google Fit. From now on, all your activities synced from the Mi Band to Mi Fit will start appearing on Google Fit!