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Best subreddits for learning

Subreddits on reddit are a great way to improve your self-learning on an everyday basis. It is not only valuable for learning new self improvement strategies but also helpful for improving your knowledge in an easy to understand way, in forms of discussions or threads.

If you have a particular question related to a craft or hobby, you can even ask your own questions. So let us take a look at some of the best subreddits for learning -

Best subreddits for learning 

1. /r/iwanttolearn

This subreddit is very useful if you want to learn something new, it can be a new skill or just about anything that comes to your mind. You can search for the skills you want to learn in this subreddit with the help of the search bar and if you are not satisfied and want more answers, just post a new question.

Sometimes, the questions may get stuck in the spam filter. So make sure to message the mods if you don't see any activity on your posts or if the post is not visible on the subreddit.

You can do that by checking the newest posts on any subreddit just after submitting. For this subreddit, it will be /r/iwanttolearn/new.

2. /r/meditation

This subreddit is focused on discussions around meditation. If you are new to meditation or even if you're experienced, you will find many interesting discussions here. If you have any experiences to share or want to ask any question related to meditation, you can ask it on this subreddit.

3. /r/programming

You'll find programming related discussions on this sub. It may not seem beginner friendly sometimes, but some of the resources posted here are definitely helpful for learning.

4. /r/learnprogramming

This subreddit is particularly helpful for beginners. If you have any question related to your programming language, you can ask it here without any problem unlike the previously mentioned /r/programming.

5. /r/getdisciplined

Discipline is always better than motivation. In this subreddit, you'll find various posts related to self-discipline. You can also read the best posts of this subreddit by sorting by all time best.

If you have a particular question, you can ask it here but make sure to follow the sidebar rules.

6. /r/minimalism

There's no better place to learn about minimalism than this subreddit. People here come to discuss all sorts of ideas related to minimalism and how to use and apply them to your daily lifestyle. From bedroom design ideas to meal planning, this subreddit covers a lot of topics and you can ask away your own questions if you have any.

7. /r/quantifiedself

This subreddit is focused towards self-tracking applications and tools such as apps used for health tracking, fitness tracking, mood tracking or sleep tracking.

People on this sub discuss a lot of useful tips and experiments that they themselves have undertaken to improve their lifestyle by means of digital tools and applications.

If you're someone who loves technology and highly fascinated by the latest changing tech, you'll love this subreddit. After reading a few posts, you will get to know how technology used in a proper way can improve and change your lifestyle and benefit us in a better way.

8. /r/digitalminimalism

Digital minimalism focuses on digital tools that will actually bring value to your life and improve your daily life in some kind of way instead of using too many tools that brings little to no value.

If you minimize your daily digital consumption and apps and use the ones which can really benefit you in some kind of way, it will be greatly helpful for your daily productivity.

9. /r/privacy

This subreddit can help you become aware of various issues relating to online privacy and digital safety. You'll find discussions related to use of tools which can make your digital life more secure and news and topics related to various privacy related programs.

10. /r/selfimprovement

If you want to improve yourself everyday, this subreddit is going to be useful for you. Here you will find tips and tricks focusing on different areas of self improvement.

Self improvement is a skill that you need to  practice every single day by performing various activities, sticking to them and setting different goals.

11. /r/nosurf

No surf is a place for people who are focused on becoming more productive on a daily basis and waste as little time as possible on the internet.

If you often find yourself wasting a lot of time mindlessly browsing or surfing the internet and want to stop this habit, this subreddit can be helpful for you.

12. /r/productivity

If you want to become more productive each and every day, whether it's by doing certain tasks and activities beneficial for long term productivity or just doing things in an organized manner using digital apps, this subreddit is for you if you love to stay productive.

13. /r/getmotivated

This subreddit has lots of motivational quotes to get your day started. If you are procrastinating on something or just want to get pumped up for your day, this is the right place to get started. Not only you will find lots of inspiring quotes, you also get to share your thoughts and opinions on quotes with like-minded people.

14. /r/yoga

This place is for yoga enthusiasts. While this subreddit is more focused towards physical postures of yoga, sometimes you can also find spiritual discussions.

15. /r/stoicism

Here you can learn about the philosophy of stoicism and how to apply it to your daily life through its teachings. It mainly focuses on indifference towards joy, pleasure, grief or pain.

Stoics believe that just as physical pain is caused by illness or injury to the body, similarly mental stress is caused by incorrect beliefs, discontentment, not living in the present moment and other such philosophies and teachings which can be used to improve your life.

16. /r/languagelearning

If you're interested in learning a language or want to know more about various languages, this is the perfect subreddit for you. People there discuss various topics relating to a particular language or resources for learning a particular language.