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How to allow extensions in incognito mode in Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge gives you the ability to install a variety of extensions from both the official Microsoft Edge Add-ons store and the Chrome Web Store. 

While you can easily take full advantage of the extensions in the normal browsing mode in Edge, but if you want to use them for private browsing and more, it is only possible by enabling the extensions one by one for private mode. 

So let's see how to enable the Edge Extensions for private mode or incognito mode - 

1. Click the three-dots in the top-right corner of your Edge browser. 

2. Select Extensions 

3. Choose the extension that you want to enable for incognito or private mode and click on Details.

In this case, if I want to enable the extension "Dark Reader" for incognito mode, I will have to click on Details under the extension description. 

4. A page will open containing more information about the extension. 

5. Check the box next to Allow in InPrivate.

Congrats! Now you're ready to use the extensions for private browsing mode too but make sure to enable each one of the extensions if you want to use them for private browsing as enabling a single extension will only allow that particular extension to function in incognito mode.