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Retain the information you read with Stick It

How many times have you read some information on a website and just forgot what you read after a few days? It happens a lot, right? 

That's where the Stick It extension steps in. It helps you remember what you read through its useful features. After reading an article, you will be asked the following questions -

  • What information will you need from the article? 
  • Why did you read the article? 
  • What was the subject of the article? 
  • What was the key message? 

If you answer all the questions in a thoughtful way, it will help you retain the information you read for a longer time since you will be actually actively involved in the material that you are interested and you read instead of just passively reading. 

Also, make sure to read the full page as the questions will only pop up after you read the whole page, it works on a scroll detection basis. 

The question popup will appear only after you scroll through the entire article and when no more area of the article is left to scroll, i.e. after you reach the end of the article.

At the time of writing this post, Stick It only supports Wikipedia and Medium articles. 

Stick It - Chrome