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Listen to anonymous voicemails with Beep FM

Screenshot of Beep FM's homepage

With Beep FM, you can listen to anonymous voicemails recorded by strangers from around the world. Just after opening the website, a random voicemail will start playing if you click on the play button. 

By default, Beep FM will play random anonymized voicemails from any category. If you're in a mood to listen to stories, click on the story mode. Or if you need some shower thoughts to ponder upon, you can switch to the thoughts mode

For listening to what's happening in other people's lives from unknown parts of the world, check out the Life Updates

There are also other interesting categories on Beep FM like Performances, Good Vibes and Confessions. It's really interesting to listen to and we hope that more such categories will be added to the website in the future.

Try listening at night, before sleeping with your earphones for a better feel. 

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