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Stream high quality 320 kbps music for free with Audius

Audius is a free music streaming and hosting platform. It's a bit similar to SoundCloud but their goal is to make it even better by making it free from takedowns by major labels and corporations. 

Unlike other free music streaming platforms, Audius provides the highest and crystal clear audio quality music streaming at 320kbps of many different genres like Rock, Latin, Metal, World Music, Ambient, Alternative, Punk, Folk, Country, Devotional and a lot more. 

Other music streaming platforms only provide 320kbps on paid plans but Audius provides it for free. That's why they claim that they are the highest audio quality music streaming platform of any free service.

Artists love this platform since the makers of Audius claim that the tracks uploaded to Audius can never be censored or removed. Apart from that, there are no limits to uploads or analytics for a free account. Everything is provided for free of cost! 

If you're a fan of electronic and upbeat music, you'll love it since it has a variety of electronic subcategories like Trance, Deep House, Tech House, Jungle, Downtempo, Dubstep, Future Bass, Disco, Trap, Tropical House, Vaporwave and many more. 

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