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Indie Shuffle - Discover Great Indie Music

Indie Shuffle has a collection of new indie songs. While not all of them are new, but the selections are excellent. If you love to discover new and rare, difficult to find indie music, this is the place to spend time at. 

To save particular tracks, you need to login in with an account. It has options to log in with the SoundCloud connect, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Google account.

It has different genres of indie music like Indie Rock, Remixes, Surf Rock, Soul, Instrumental, Acoustic, Mashup, Electronic, Hip-hop, Deep house, Female vocalist, Daytime Disco, Chillout and more. 

They also have a list of the popular indie songs of the week which you can find here. You can also explore featured playlists or just play random songs for music discovery.

It has a night mode to make so you can carry out your music exploration at night without straining your eyes. They also have mobile apps if you want to listen on your mobile devices.

All the tracks played on Indie Shuffle are curated and recommended by real music lovers from all over the world, not computer generated algorithms, so the selected songs are handpicked and are great to listen to.

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