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How to connect Mi Band 5 to Strava?

Connect Mi Band 5 to Strava:

While there are no options to connect your Mi Band 5 to Strava directly from the Mi Fit app, you can easily do it with the Amazfit app, which is now known as Zepp.

Here are the steps to successfully connect the Mi Band 5 to Strava -

Step 1 - Install the Zepp app from the Play Store.

2. Login to the Zepp app using the same email and password that you used for Mi Fit.

The band may update to sync all the data from the MiFit app to Zepp.

2. In the Zepp app, tap on the Profile tab. 

Zepp app highlighting the profile tab

3. After clicking on Profile, you’ll see a list of options. Tap on the “Add accounts” option. 

Highlighting the "add accounts" option on Zepp


4. After tapping on "Add accounts", you will see a list of different accounts to connect. Here, you need to tap on the “Strava” option. 

Zepp app, highlighting the Strava option

5. At the bottom, you will see an option to authorize Strava to connect to Zepp. Click on the Strava option for authorization.  

Connecting to Strava

6. Now login to your Strava account with your email and password. If you don’t have an account with Strava, you can create a new one by clicking on Sign Up at the top-right of the Strava login screen. 

Highlighting the Sign up button on Strava login screen


If you forgot your password, you can reset it by clicking on “Forgot your password?” on the Strava login screen. 


Highlighting the "Forgot your password" on the Strava login screen

7. If you’re connecting from Zepp to Strava for the first time, an authorization screen will appear. Click on “Authorize”. 

Strava authorization

After a successful authorization of the Zepp app to Strava, all your activity like running, cycling etc. will start to appear on Strava after proper syncing of the Mi Band 5 with the Mi Fit app. 

I've also tested using the old Amazfit app and after the first setup, it did not need to sync again and again with the Mi Fit app, data started to appear on Amazfit instantly after connecting it with the Mi Band.


Unknown said…
Unable to connect using my Facebook login and getting an error which says "Log in Disabled
For your account security, logging into Facebook from an embedded browser is disabled. To continue, download and log into the Facebook app on your device and try again.".
Gyanist said…
You can try it with your email.
Rohit M said…
Thank you for the article and instructions. In Zepp aap, under profiles and settings, I don't see any option for Strava or for any other account.
Gyanist said…
After going to Profile, you have to click on "Add accounts". You'll find the Strava option there.
Vickey said…
I have followed the above steps, however my running data is not sycn properly. I can only see HR data on strava and not the running data
Anonymous said…
The only account that can be added via "Add accounts" for me is Google Fit, Strava is missing, any ideas why?
Gyanist said…
I just checked, the Strava option is available in the Zepp app after going to Profile, then "Add accounts". You might be looking at Zepp Life. Only the Google Fit option appears on the Mi Fit app (now Zepp Life). But on Zepp, the Strava option is present.