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19 Underrated New Tab Extensions for Google Chrome

Best New Tab Extensions for Google Chrome 


1. Mustsee

Every time you open a new tab, this extension will bring to you the world’s most beautiful places, personally selected by expert travelers and photographers. 

Get Mustsee for Chrome

2. Nat Geo New Tab

This extension displays a beautiful picture from National Geographic every day. 

Get Nat Geo New Tab for Chrome

3. Unsplash Instant

This extension will show you a beautiful from Unsplash, every time you open a new tab. Unsplash has a great collection of some of the most beautiful photos shared by photographers from all over the world.

Some of the awesome features that set this extension apart from the rest are that you get good looking photos in your new tab but you can also download it to your device, completely for free! 

Get Unsplash Instant for Chrome

4. Google Arts & Culture

This extension will deliver masterpieces of art and culture ranging from Van Gogh and Monet, to paintings from various museums from around the world.

The artworks are refreshed every day or you can change your settings to show a new photo each time you open a new tab. 

Get Google Arts & Culture for Chrome

5. Minimo

If you are privacy oriented, then you might like to use this one instead of others since it does not collect any user data. It needs minimal access to bookmarks and sessions to display shortcuts and remote Chrome sessions from mobile devices, but the data does not leave your device at all.

It has a fairly minimal interface, but displays important information such as current date and time, connection status (whether offline or online), battery level, custom clocks from any timezone in the world, synced tabs from remote Chrome sessions, such as your phone and other desktop or laptop where you’ve Chrome with this extension installed and even the estimated download speed in Mbps.  

Get Minimo for Chrome 

6. Flickr Tab

It displays a beautiful new photo from Flickr every time you open a new tab. On the bottom-left corner, there’s a link to the original link to the picture where you can find more details about the photograph. 

Get Flickr Tab for Chrome

7. New Tab Startup Quotes

This is a great extension where you can find startup and entrepreneur quotes related to business. If you’re an entrepreneur, this extension will soon become a favorite of yours since it can motivate you like no other. 

Get New Tab Startup Quotes for Chrome

8. Orbit the Cat

Who doesn’t love a cute cat picture? If you’re a cat lover, this tool will come in handy on opening each new tab. Orbit the cat will entertain you with its cute wisdom.

Get Orbit the Cat for Chrome

9. Showerthoughts

Interested in philosophical discussions and deep thinking? Then this is the extension you need for your new tab. On every new tab opened, it displays philosophical quotes in a style similar to /r/showerthoughts.

Get Showerthoughts for Chrome

10. Letra

It helps you to learn a new language by opening each new tab by displaying a new word of your chosen language. At the time of writing this post, it has 14 languages available - Afrikaans, Arabic, Bangla, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese simplified, Filipino, French, German, Hindi, Russian, Spanish, Indonesian, Korean and and Japanese. 

Get Letra for Chrome

11. Llamacation

Llamas, from purple to yellow to pink llamas, this Chrome new tab extension will llamify your life with some new tab knowledge from the llamas themselves. 

Get Llamacation for Chrome

12. Tab with a view

If you love to travel places and exploring, you’ll love this extension. On each new tab page, it presents to you a beautiful location along with important information such as COVID-19 status in that country and more details such as location, earth view and drone view. 

Get Tab with a view for Chrome

13. Momentum

Momentum is one of the most installed Chrome new tab extensions. It has a variety of features like to-dos, quotes, mantras but a lot of them like adding your own mantras and quotes are behind a paywall, which can be unlocked with a monthly fee.

Get Momentum for Chrome

14. Tabliss

Momentum has a lot of cool features but the tweaking settings which can double the fun are not free, that’s where Tabliss steps in.

Tabliss has similar options like Momentum with even better added features like the ability to download the picture you like and more such as adding your own quotes. You can read more about Tabliss here

Get Tabliss for Chrome


15. nuTab

nuTab is a Chrome extension for markdown lovers. It has a beautiful markdown style editor where you can jot down your thoughts.

It can be also used as a to-do list and you can check it off after completing the task. Each sentence can also be typed as a bullet-point or big quotes. 

Get nuTab for Chrome

16. Dwij New Tab

This Chrome new tab extension has a simple but a beautiful combination of a to-do list plus a note taking space.

You can also hide the widgets and change the color of the theme. There is also a print option and downloading and restoring backup file options in JSON format. 

Get Dwij New Tab for Chrome

17. Earth View from Google Earth  

This extension, made by Google displays beautiful maps and views from different places of Earth. On opening the new tab, each time you will be greeted with a new landscape from Google's Earth View, which contains collections of the most amazing landscapes from Google Earth.

If you like a particular view of a landscape, you can download it to your device by going to the sidebar menu and clicking on "Download Wallpaper". 

Get Earth View for Chrome

18. HTML New Tab

With this Chrome extension you can create a new tab page with your own code! You can write your desired HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create your new tab page. 

HTML New Tab - Chrome

19. Blank New Tab 

This one is a bit different from the others. While other extensions are designed to keep your new tab dynamic and filled with things, this extension does the opposite. It believes in the idea of simplicity and brings to you a blank page on every new tab. If you dislike distractions and want a fresh page on each new tab, this extension is for you!

Blank New Tab - Chrome

Best Chrome New Tab Extensions

These were some of the best new tab extensions for Chrome. I'll keep updating the list if I discover a good one. Some of them are feature-rich, whereas some of them are minimal. But all of them has a unique feature that will suit your need in one way or the other.