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How to fix Netflix 'too many devices' error

If you're unable to watch Netflix because you're facing the error - "Your Netflix account is in use on too many devices."

You can do the following things -

1. Check if your account is compromised. If you are sure that you're the only one using the account, it can be the case that someone hacked into your account without your knowledge.

2. Change your password immediately. It's better to use a strong password which you haven't used on any other site. For convenience and security, you can use password managers. Bitwarden is a good free and open source password manager.

3. Log out of all devices by going to 'Manage Devices' and try to log in again.

4. The error message also appears if you've intentionally shared your account with someone and that other person is watching Netflix at the same time you are trying to watch.

So in that case, you don't need to worry since the number of viewers that can stream content on Netflix at the same time will depend on your plan.

You can see plan option and plan limitations for your own account of Netflix from the Change Plan page.

5. To get a detailed overview of recently used devices on your account, location data and the time related information, you can check this page

6. For all viewing or streaming related activity on your account, see the 'Viewing Activity' page where you can check out all the shows that has been watched from your Netflix account. 

If you notice any movie or TV show on that page which you haven't watched, then you will know that someone has access to your account and it's time to secure your account.