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Discover new songs with Tuneful!

Tuneful helps you discover new songs from your favorite genre or any genre of music. You can just type your favorite genre of music and select a particular category. Then it will list out various songs related to that category of music. 

After that, Tuneful will play a preview of some songs related to your favorite or any selected genre of music. If you like the song, swipe right or click the right arrow on your keyboard. 

To ignore a song, click the left arrow on the keyboard or swipe left. We can also save a song by clicking the like button or ignore a song by clicking the nope button.

To go back to the previously played song, click the rewind button. If you're done with your discovery, you can end your discovery session by clicking the arrow button and finally save your liked songs.

It provides three options for saving your favorite tracks - 

1. You can save your liked songs to your Spotify account.

2. You can email the songs to yourself.

3. You can copy the songs you like to your clipboard. This is a very useful feature provided by Tuneful since not everyone uses Spotify. 

Those who don't use Spotify or don't want to email can copy the favorited songs to the clipboard and paste it somewhere and save it. You can save it on your local notes/notepad or YouTube playlist or anywhere you like so that you don't have to remember each song that you liked.

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