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Create immersive soundscapes with Defonic

Defonic is a great ambient music creator that you can use for meditation, relaxation or productivity. We can use the various sounds while meditating and imagine as if we're present in that place at the moment. 

Doing this practice daily for prolonged periods will make the mind free from wavering thoughts and will also help us to cope with anxiety and stress. 

It offers 21 relaxing soundtracks - 

1. Ocean waves

2. River

3. Rain

4. Forest

5. Crackling fireplace

6. Thunder

7. Wind

8. Starry night 

9. Leaves 

10. Wind chime

11. Snow storm

12. Cafe

13. Swimming with dolphins 

14. Air fan

15. Campus library

16. White noise

17. Train

18. Pink noise

19. Road

20. Cat's purr

21. Countryside

Most of us cannot work properly without some kind of ambient noise. For example, some people need to go to a coffee shop with their laptop to get their creative juices flowing. Similarly, some need to go to a library. So, if you like some kind of noise to get productive, Defonic will be a blessing for you.

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