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During the stressful times of Coronavirus, it's easy for people to get overwhelmed by the information about the spread of the virus and the reported cases. is a website where you can monitor the situation about the Coronavirus pandemic.

It shows the data about COVID-19 in a simple and non-bloated way. There are many websites that provide similar data but a lot of them are bloated, take a lot of time to load and are difficult to navigate and monitor.

But presents to us the data about Coronavirus in a clear and simple way. There's a graph which displays the stats and you can stay informed about the latest updates of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in any country of the world or the whole world.

Moreover, the website also provides data about the number of recovered patients and deaths in any country. By default, it displays the stats of the whole world. If you want to view the stats of a particular country, you can select the country from the dropdown menu.

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