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Connect to Mi Fit to update again - Solution


If you have recently updated your Mi Band, you might have encountered the problem that the error message appears on the screen of your band - "Connect to Mi Fit to update again" even after updating it.

You might have tried many other solutions and options but if everything fails, try these steps:

(Before doing anything, take a note of your email address by going into the Mi Fit settings. It will not directly list it out but it shows up as the user name. Remembering it will help you login in case you forget it.)

1. Clear the cache and data associated with Mi Fit by going to Settings>Apps>Mi Fit on your phone. Don't unpair the band.

2. After clearing all the cache and data associated with Mi Fit, uninstall Mi Fit.

3. Then, use an older version of Mi Fit from here. Please don't use any other apk site other than apkmirror, they may contain malware.

4. Then log into your account and connect the band again. Make sure you have turned on the bluetooth and location. The other permissions like phone and storage are not necessary.

5. After syncing, the band will automatically update the firmware and resources and everything should work again.

6. It's better to not unpair the band since it will be difficult to pair again if the error message is continuously appearing on your screen. But if you don't unpair, it becomes easy to update with older versions of Mi Fit.

Download the apk of older versions of Mi Fit and try the older version if the current one doesn't work. One or the other will definitely work. 


Unknown said…
thanks a lot dude .... u saved my band
dddd said…
nothing changed
Anonymous said…
Thanks. It worked.
Gyanist said…
No problem. Enjoy your band!
Anonymous said…
Hi! What about IOS?