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BaldPhone - Free and open-source launcher for the elderly

Elderly people can get overwhelmed and confused by lots of features and buttons on their phones. There are lots of different ways for navigating and using the apps which makes it a difficult task to get the most use out of their phones.

That's why to address this problem, Uriah Shaul Mandel has developed the launcher called BaldPhone specially designed and focused at the elderly people.

It replaces the default interface of the phone to a big, clear and simple one so that everyone including elderly people can use their phones with ease and can get the most out of their phones.

It is also designed for people with motoric problems and for those who need some forms of visual aid. The icons from the launcher will give access to many functions like alarms, camera, videos, dialer, messages and more.

Not only that, it even has a voice assistant in case people want to make a voice search. It also has a special pills feature to keep track of medicines and a SOS button.

The launcher also offers video tutorials on how to use the app. You can access it by long pressing the back arrow and tapping on the "video tutorials" section.

To access any other features like the apps installed on the phone, you have to long press on the "Apps" icon. Similarly, to access other features like flashlight, you have to long press on the flashlight icon.

So, overall it's a great launcher since it can turn any phone into a elderly-friendly one and the best part is that the launcher is free and also open-source.

The developer's main intention is to help people and he made the app out of pure devotion and goodwill.

The BaldPhone launcher is available at F-Droid.

Android - BaldPhone

Here's a video by the developer of BaldPhone on why he made it.