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Wylo - Connect with people over topics you love

Wylo is a new app where you can explore different interests and also connect with like-minded people and share knowledge. 

You can network with people who share your interests. It is a knowledge and content curation platform and if you are interested, you can also submit and share your own content and gain credibility in your domain. 

Wylo gives us the chance to get better and more informed about things we already love and new things that you might want to learn and explore about. 

So if you're passionate and eager to learn new things everyday and like to keep yourself updated with new knowledge, Wylo gives you the chance to do so and get better at everything you want to know and discover more everyday.

Since Wylo is in beta at the time of writing this post, we can expect more features in the upcoming future.

Wylo App (Android)

Wylo App (iOS)