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Spaces.FM - High quality binaurals to boost your focus and productivity

We already know that music can boost our ability to concentrate when we cannot easily concentrate in noisy environments. But not all types of music can help you focus. Most actually do the opposite and distract you with distracting lyrics and loud music. 

That's where natural music comes in. Nature music like rain, sea waves, forest sounds can help your mind relax and help you focus without any form of distraction. You can listen with your earphones in public and noisy environments for relaxing and to get calmer in stressful environments.

If you're at a noisy place but you want to focus on your tasks without hearing other noises, you can tune in to your music and enjoy working and relaxing. That's where Spaces.FM comes to help you, in noisy and distracting environments.

It has a collection of binaural sounds which helps you to focus and boost your productivity. You can also use the sounds for general relaxation on a lazy afternoon or while sleeping. The difference between other binaural sound websites and Spaces.FM is that Spaces.FM provides high quality music for its listeners. 

It has a collection of different sounds like Sandy Beach, Thunder, Birds and many more. You can go to the collection by going to this Mix

You can listen to each music separately, like listening to the sounds of Thunder or Birds alone or you can mix various sounds together to create your own unique combination. The website is new so we can expect more to come from it in the future. Happy relaxing!