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We are made by our habits. What kind of success we achieve in our life depends upon our habits. Our habits should be controlled in a serious manner, otherwise we tend to live just an ordinary life. 

Since human life is precious and our time is limited, we need to take our time seriously and never waste our time. Whether you are productive or not, you have 24 hours with you everyday, it's up to you how you use that time. A lot of time is wasted on sleep and doing useless activities.

So, it's better to not waste time again. Starting from today, take note of your habits and see that you don't break your good habits, ever. It's very difficult to form good habits and if you break your momentum and lose your focus, you'll have to start your habit from the start again.

Therefore, don't ever lose focus and never break your momentum because only when you break your momentum you fail. Watch your thoughts and habits and don't go into the comfort zone. It's very tempting to go into the comfort zone once in a while, but never make that mistake.

Comfort and pleasure might lead to discomfort and displeasure in the future. So, don't waste your precious time. If you let loose one day, you'll lose your strict mindset and you'll let loose again whenever an urge to stay in the comfort zone arises due to habit.

To be clear, by not going into the comfort zone I don't mean that you should always keep working and never rest. I'm talking about the lazy, addictive and unproductive "comfort zone" which leads us to nowhere.  

So, repetition of making good habits and practicing it daily is the key to not breaking your good habits. Even one small mistake can lead to losing your streak - whether it's a smoke-free or alcohol-free streak or any other good habit streak. 

Do different kinds of activities daily. Also, watch your behavior and your topics of discussion with others. Never waste your time on things that will not help you to build your future or improve yourself. Only when you'll improve, you'll notice that you can be successful, in fact, very successful and you'll realize that it's not that difficult once you realize the power of habits and how to maintain your momentum.