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Browse reddit from your terminal using RTV (Reddit Terminal Viewer)

If you browse reddit daily and you are also a Linux user, then you might like this application. RTV stands for Reddit Terminal Viewer.

It allows you to browse and interact with reddit from the comfort of your terminal. You do not have to leave your terminal for browsing reddit any more. Most of us Linux users are hooked to the terminal and we don't want to ever leave it.

If you're a Windows user and want to browse reddit from the terminal and want to explore the world of terminals and cool things you can do with it, you need to try Linux today! You just have to make a Live USB and try it out without installing it. 

Now, let us look at how to install RTV:

RTV can be installed from the Python Package Index (PyPI). 

Here are the commands to install pip:

Ubuntu/Linux Mint -

sudo apt install python-pip

Arch Linux/Manjaro -

sudo pacman -S python-pip

Fedora - 

sudo dnf install python-pip

After that, you need to type the command below to install RTV:

sudo pip install rtv

If you want to directly download from your distro's repository, then you need the commands below: 

Ubuntu/Debian/Linux Mint - 

sudo apt install rtv

Arch Linux/Manjaro - 

sudo pacman -S rtv 

Fedora - 

sudo dnf install rtv

For Mac users -

brew install rtv

You can also install directly from source with the commands below:

1. git clone

2. cd rtv

3. sudo python install  

How to use RTV: 

You can launch it by typing the command "rtv" in your terminal.

For help, the command is -  

rtv --help

Press the up and down key for navigating different submissions.

u - login  

r - refresh the page

? - open the help screen

q - quit rtv

/ - open the navigation prompt for entering a subreddit name

→ or Enter key - open the currently selected submission.

← - return

Space bar - Collapse comments

You can use various themes to change your experience every time you use RTV. Different themes can always give a different feel and will make your reddit browsing experience much better and cooler.

Use F2 and F3 keys to cycle through the themes available for RTV.

To list all the themes, use the command -


To select a particular theme, the command is:


To install a custom theme, copy your theme into the ~/.config/rtv/themes/ directory.

Hope you enjoy using RTV. It's much easier to use reddit with RTV instead of going to the website everytime you want to check out posts and comments on reddit.