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3 great free music streaming services

When we need to stream music, we often turn to Spotify and YouTube. While they have nice content, it's full of mainstream songs and music if we don't search deeply. If you have a taste for various other types of music that is difficult to find on YouTube or Spotify, you might like these alternatives.



Mixcloud is a music streaming service where you can listen to various DJ mixes, ambient music, podcasts, talk shows, hip hop, country, world music and lots of others. You can even upload your own mixes by creating an account. You can follow other users, repost and favorite mixes and add mixes that you like to your Listen Later list.

Mixcloud showcases various categories of music like indie, house, Hip Hop, RnB, Electronica, Dubstep, EDM, Tech House, Reggae, Trance etc.


Hype Machine


Hype Machine aggregates music from music blogs. It has various categories of music for you to discover. They even publish a list where they compile the best songs of the week, handpicked by the Hype Machine team. They call it Stack. You can check out the latest Stack here. They also have an Android app which was paid, but now it's free.



Bandcamp is a music service where you can listen to many different kinds of music. If you are an artist, you can submit your own music and share it with the world to listen for free or you can charge a price. Many musicians are earning from their music through Bandcamp. If you are a listener, you can stream some music for free and if you want to download from some artists, you may need to pay a small fee. They provide high quality audio for downloading. 

Bandcamp webAndroid |  iOS

Other mentions -

Noon Pacific 


Noon pacific is another way to discover cool music but it requires Spotify Premium to listen to the songs. They select some songs and post each week at noon (pacific time). If you are a Spotify Premium user, you can sign in to Noon Pacific using your Spotify account and listen to their various weekly mixtapes.